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Latest Mobile Development Kit Blogs and Videos

I’ve had a few people ask me to point them to the latest mobile development kit videos, blogs, or other content.  So I’ve created a live blog that I’ll update each time we release new content.


Here you will find the latest published content, listed by most recently published at the top of each section.  If this is your first introduction to Mobile Development Kit, review the Learning Journey.





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  • Thank you sue for sharing latest SAP Mobile technologies.

    These are definitely helpful in learning about rapidly building and deploying mobile applications.

  • Hello Sue, Is there any example with master-detail navigation available? It would be good to have such an example to understand the online odata entity actions. Best Regards, Bhavin

    • Hi,

      Great question.

      Right now, the closest thing we have to master - detail are our list-detail examples.

      We don't a master-detail option in mobile development kit today, but we are looking at it cause we know it is a very popular page option for Fiori apps.



  • Hi Sue,

    it would be great if you could create a video showing how to setup the different debug options (simulator, on device, with updates from WebIDE...). Especially with projects that are connected by CIM files.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Sue,

    Thank you for sharing the latest MDK information.

    I am trying to implement push notification triggered on CRUD operations but could not find tutorials,

    can you please help me?