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Planning the Intelligent City of the Future

“Hi, I am Antoine and I work as a city planner in an Intelligent City. I am the program manager of a cross-departmental task force that is planning to convert an old industrial area into a new micro district to build an attractive new intelligent neighborhood in my city. Over the last year, the city became very attractive to new businesses and residents, because a European Union funding program has attracted new biotech businesses. Subsequently, the city needs to provide more housing and areas that allow the businesses to become successful.  To stay attractive for people to move to the city from elsewhere, the recreation and building good entertainment will also be key. This is why our city has issued a call for proposals.

Intelligent City Planning

Today, I will be meeting with a potential investor for this project. I still remember the days where such a meeting required me to collect and crunch numbers for days – and at the end, I was still walking into the meeting with a half-baked ppt with missing information. Ouch! Thankfully, today, all I need is the city dashboard, which uses data from a variety of the city departments, utility companies, local transit authorities, social media and more. It empowers me to run business focused analysis and simulations in real time, because it has embedded machine learning capabilities. With this, I have great insights and understand the city:

  • demographic data and trends
  • tax and revenue data and trends
  • economic development and trends eg. employment and business settlement
  • budget appropriations and procurement requests
  • real-time mobility indicators, such as people and vehicle movement
  • infrastructure condition and modernization requirements
  • real time environmental indicators and correlations
  • security requirements, hot spots, prevention measurements

With all the data at my fingertips, I’m able to simulate the expected price of development in correlation with trends in the CPI or GDP and new infrastructure projects in real-time, right in front of the investor! And I can collaborate with my colleagues more simply to make smart decisions about development fees to be charged to investors. With the predictive capabilities, I can also simulate and understand the impact of the expected changes in tax collection and we gain a much better basis for the city’s investment decisions.I can walk to the development site and access the city dashboard on my tablet, do quick analysis and gather insights during the meeting.

So I can easily match the promises of potential investors with fact-based predictions and forecasts.

And with the introduction of the blockchain technology, we can exchange documentation with bidders in a secured way, making that the entire process auditable in a transparent way to citizens.

A New Smart Neighborhood

Leveraging lots of the newest technologies, the new district will be really smart and thus really improve the citizens lives! They will get around easily with the smart traffic and transport system, be safe, walking the streets with smart lighting, have clean air thru sustainable usage of energy, and have clean neighborhoods enabled by smart waste management. They will be able to easily pay for multiple public and commercial services through an e-payment app and get an integrated invoice. Gaming apps and community rewards will drive civic participation.

The technologies available today have made city planning and governance responsive, efficient and accountable to our citizens. Data-driven innovation is supporting us to drive transparent and cost-effective resource allocation and I am excited that I can be an innovative steward of public resources.

I am proud to be part of the team that’s building our newest neighbourhood called Prosumer City 2030, and hope we will be able to welcome you as a guest in this exciting new area sometime in the future!”

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