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SAP Data Hub, trial edition 2.6

End of 2017, we have delivered SAP Data Hub, developer edition. And early 2018, SAP Data Hub trial edition followed. This week we launched the new trial edition based on SAP Data Hub 2.6.

SAP Data Hub includes data sharing, pipelining and orchestration capabilities that help companies accelerate and expand data flow across a diverse data landscape. It includes features for Data Pipelines, Data Workflows as well as Data Governance.

SAP Data Hub, trial edition 2.6

SAP Data Hub, trial edition is a complete deployment of SAP Data Hub for trial and evaluation purposes. It is available on Google Cloud Platform as well as Amazon Web Services. It is brought to you through SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

With the trial edition, you can look at all features of SAP Data Hub for 30 days. We do not charge you for the usage of SAP Data Hub, trial edition. You only need to cover the expenses Google respectively Amazon bills for using their infrastructure.

The following diagram visualizes the architecture of SAP Data Hub, trial edition:

How to get started?

To take a stab at SAP Data Hub, trial edition, you need a Google Cloud Platform respecively Amazon Web Services account. Afterwards you can deploy the trial edition through SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

In addition, there are a couple of tutorials which help you to familiarize yourself with the trial edition:

We would be happy to see you blogging about the scenarios that you build on top of the trial edition.

If you have questions, problems or proposals, feel free to post them as comments to this blog, or to the SAP Community. We will try to answer them in a timely manner and collect frequently asked questions here.

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  • Thorsten, Thank you for the updated blog. Is there any particular region this should be hosted at? I keep getting this error. Quota CPUS exceeded. Limit: 24.0 in region US-Central1.  I tried couple of regions with no luck. Any help is appreciated.

  • Hello,


    Under AWS I keep having the following error when trying to open the URL:


    Have you seen this issue before?

        • Hello Thorsten,


          Look no further, I just waited more than 90min for the system to activate (looked like it was stuck on activating but I guess it was still doing something).

          Now it works! If someone else has the same issue, you can tell them to just be patient ;).


          Thanks for your prompt reply.


          • Hi David,

            thanks for letting me know. 90 minutes is long (but it depends a bit how quickly e.g. the Docker images are mirrored).

            Have fun with the trial.


            PS: I will also check a bit on the activation time from our end…

          • Hey David,

            I have checked with colleagues. On AWS the start-up time for the trial is around 75+ minutes. So the 90 minutes (while I hope that we can finetune that a bit in the future) is expected.

            If you wait until all the “traffic lights” in CAL go green after creation of the instance, you should (always) be good to logon.


  • Hi Thorsten,

    great news about the 2.5 trial edition.

    Any plans for the developer edition 2.5?
    I am especially interessted in the ABAP operaters. Also the new Visualization concept for building UIs. Do I need the trial edition to explore that?


    • Hi Martin,

      we like to update the developer edition to a newer version, but currently I cannot give a firm timeline for this. Sorry.

      Best regards

  • Hi Thorsten,

    I have created an instance for the datahub trial edition 2.5 on GCP. However, the connection to CLOUD_STORAGE fails:

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Best, Mert

    • Hi Mert,

      has this connection always failed? I can only imagine that the service account (GCS credentials in the CLOUD_STORAGE connection) has a problem. But in that case I would have thought that already the creation of the trial instance failed. Having said that: you can either try to create a new trial instance or provide me access to the logs (easiest would be by access to the system; alternatively by downloading the logs for data-app and flowagent from Kubernetes)


  • I am receiving an error after I set up my Google Cloud Platform, create my service account with all of the necessary authorizations to the service account per 2.1 from the document, assigned the correct APIs to the project and when I go to link the SAP Cloud Appliance with the account, I am receiving the following error:


    An error from Google Cloud Platform occurred: GCP : 403 Forbidden { “code” : 403, “errors” : [ { “domain” : “global”, “message” : “User is not authorized.”, “reason” : “forbidden” } ], “message” : “User is not authorized.”, “status” : “PERMISSION_DENIED” }


    I have reviewed the authorizations multiple times and not sure the issue.  Any insight on this on how to correctly debug and/or if anyone has experienced this before?

  • Hi Tim,

    could you maybe share a screenshot of your service account (from the IAM & admin section)?

    I have just checked the service account I am using (screenshot attached). It looks exactly like in the “Getting Started Guide” and it works (last time I created an instance was last week).


    Best regards

  • /
    • Hi Tim,

      not the answer which I like to give, but the best one I have right now: I talked to colleagues. They observed this behavior a few times before. They “solved” it by creating a new service account (with exactly the same roles). Could you please try that and let me know?

      If it helps, then it is worth to follow up with Google regarding the service account afterwards. If it does not help, we take another look from our end.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards

  • Hi Tim,

    hhhmmm… that looks very much the same as mine does. I will check with the team next week, what’s the best way to troubleshoot…


  • Great Post!

    Excuse me if I sound nerd in Container world!

    ​What is the recommended way to install SAP Data Hub on Azure. I want to have it installed as containerized application.

    Option 1:

    Using SAP CAL which in-turn spins the Kubernetes Cluster in Azure for Computation.

    Option 2:

    Using SAP SL Plugin. Spin the components on Azure myself and then install the Hub.

    Or Other which I am not aware of.