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SAP Data Hub, trial edition 2.3

End of 2017, we have delivered SAP Data Hub, developer edition. And early 2018, SAP Data Hub trial edition followed. Last week we launched the new trial edition based on SAP Data Hub 2.3.

SAP Data Hub includes data sharing, pipelining and orchestration capabilities that help companies accelerate and expand data flow across a diverse data landscape. It includes features for Data Pipelines, Data Workflows as well as Data Governance.

SAP Data Hub, trial edition 2.3

SAP Data Hub, trial edition is a complete deployment of SAP Data Hub for trial and evaluation purposes on Google Cloud Platform. It is brought to you through SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

With the trial edition, you can look at all features of SAP Data Hub for 30 days. We do not charge you for the usage of SAP Data Hub, trial edition. You only need to cover the expenses Google bills for using their infrastructure.

The following diagram visualizes the architecture of SAP Data Hub, trial edition:

How to get started?

To take a stab at SAP Data Hub, trial edition, you need a Google Cloud Platform account. Afterwards you can deploy the trial edition through SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

In addition, there are a couple of tutorials which help you to familiarize yourself with the trial edition:

New and noteworthy

November 11, 2018: We have updated SAP Data Hub, trial edition. When you create a new solution instance, we now automatically create a Google Cloud Storage bucket. We also upload a few example files to the bucket and we configure the bucket as checkpoint store for SAP Vora. When you delete the solution instance, the bucket is automatically deleted as well.

We would be happy to see you blogging about the scenarios that you build on top of the trial edition.

If you have questions, problems or proposals, feel free to post them as comments to this blog, or to the SAP Community. We will try to answer them in a timely manner and collect frequently asked questions here.

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