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XS Advanced Administration: Getting The XS CLI

Hi everyone,

this is the start of a series of blog posts regarding administrating SAP HANA XS advanced by means of the xs command-line interface. We assume you are already familiar with the basic concepts behind XS advanced. The following series of videos provided by the SAP HANA Academy should get you started: SAP HANA Academy – XS Advanced: Getting Started.

We’ll start at the very beginning: installing the xs command-line interface. Hope you’ll enjoy!

The XS Command-Line Interface

The xs command-line interface (xs cli) is a tool to administrate XS advanced from the command-line. It is already installed on the SAP HANA system after installation of XS Advanced and ready to be used. You can simply start it by logging in as user sidadm at the SAP HANA system and executing the command

$ xs

Installing The XS CLI On Remote Machines

Alternatively, the xs cli can be used to accesss XS advanced remotely. This requires that the xs cli is installed on the remote machine, first. The xs cli is installed by simply extracting the delivery package to a target directory. There are two possibilities of getting the delivery package for the xs cli:

SAP Service Market Place

In order to download the xs cli from the SAP Service Market Place (SMP), choose the tab:

Support Packages & Patches

and navigate to the following folder:


Be sure to choose the right target platform from the drop-down box on the top and download the latest version of the following package:


After downloading the zip archive extract it using the following command on Unix platforms:

$ unzip XS_CLIENT00P_<xx>-7000<xxxx>.ZIP <target location>

or using drag-and-drop on Windows platforms.


In order to get the xs cli from the SAP HANA medium, navigate to the following folder on the SAP HANA installation medium:


and extract the following file depending on your target platform:


After copying the zip archive to the target machine, extract it using the following command on Unix platforms:

$ unzip xs.onpremise.runtime.client_‹platform›-‹version›.zip <target location>

or using drag-and-drop on Windows platforms.

Starting The XS CLI

After extracting the delivery package, the xs cli binary is contained in <target location>/bin. Therefore, use the following command to start the xs cli:

$ <target location>/bin/xs

 For convenience, you might want to add <target>/bin to your PATH environment variable.


That’s it for this time, we will look into getting started with the xs cli and login in the next post.

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      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Hi Andreas. Thanks for sharing this. It would be great if you could include here the info for HANA Express users on how to get XS CLI too. Regards! -Vitaliy