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Recruiting Management Q4 2017 Release Overview

SuccessFactors has been working to expand their Rules Engine tool into the talent modules, and this has finally made its way to RCM. This expansion has given Recruiting Management the capabilities to apply rules to Job Requisitions or Offer Approvals, allowing customers to automate more of their business processes. Customers can now automate the Job Posting processes using business rules, to automatically post jobs after the last approval step. However, the first release of this new tool will require professional services due to the Recruiting Business Rules tool being located in Provisioning, however, SuccessFactors does expect in coming releases to move this functionality into the Admin Center early next year.

Recruiting Management also released a new functionality used when creating a requisition. The Job Analyzer tool will provide insights on the effectiveness of the content on the requisition, including the effectiveness of the job description. These insights will include gender biases, highlighting and defining words that include these gender biases. In future releases SuccessFactors hopes to suggest words that can replace these gender bias words. In the upcoming release, it will appear the Job Analyzer does not work with Job Profile, however that is not the case. The Job Analyzer will still analyze the Job Profile, but will be located on the Job Detail page. This analyzer will also suggest Skills to add to the requisition, based on your requisition, your job description and even comparing with other similar job requisitions.

This new functionality is only available for Skills and Salary Jobs located in the US, and currently only available in English. SuccessFactors is working to expand the Job Analyzers reach by expanding the countries and languages available for this functionality.

SAP also made some minor, but well needed changes in RCM. Recruiting Emails no longer require the “.zip” format for when files are forwarded to colleagues. This includes the tokens [[ATTACHMENT_COVER_LETTER]] and [[ATTACHMENT_RESUME]] used in recruiting emails, these files can stay in their original format.

Another great functionality added by SuccessFactors was a Nudge Feature for Job Requisitions. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to nudge the user on whom the approval is pending, to help speed up the approval process for Job Requisitions.

Summary of RCM Minor Enhancements

  1. Application Purge in Relation to Job Requisition Age

– A new option available to calculate the age of the Job Application based on the closure date of the respective Job Requisition. This ensures all application data for a job requisition is preserved in the system for a specific period of time.

  1. User Purge: Validate Existing Interview

– Now when purging inactive users, the system will check to see if they were rated during the interview process. This ensures that a user who was involved in a rated interview, will not be purged until the rated interview is purged.

  1. Applicant List Page: Additional Filter for Country/Zip

– Customers will now be able to filter candidates within the Talent Pipeline based on Country or Zip Code, ensuring they are looking at candidates who live near the work location.

  1. Manage Recruiting Templates: Enable Generic Objects

– Instead of going through SAP or Professional services to request Generic Objects be enabled in Provisioning, you can now select an Upgrade to enable this functionality.

  1. Internal Candidate Profile Creation

– Candidate Profiles will be available automatically for employees. When they are created is based on your Data Privacy Consent Statement version.

  1. Validation of Standard Tokens: Locales

– With this new release, it will become possible to validate standard tokens across all locales in Recruiting. When validating these tokens in the Recruiting Email Triggers tool, a message will appear with the full list of tokens that are not applicable for that selected trigger in all the configured locales.


Along with these enhancements, there are small minor changes that I did not include, but those can be found at:

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