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Author's profile photo AMIT Lal

SWPM with a new blue ‘AVATAR’

“SWPM -Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP20” is latest tool for –

Installing, copy, transform, split, rename, and uninstall products based on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and AS Java. It was quite surprising when I started installation for SAP CAR for HANA DB using SP20 SWPM for SAP Netweaver 7.5.

SWPM new avatar with surprise –> The most interesting thing on this SP20 is that SWPM is only web accessible via web browser. The interface is running on Fiori platform and now it is identical as the SUM interface.

Working with the new SWPM

If you open the URL on a web browser you will find a web interface like this one:

Sample URL to start SWPM –>
Logon users: [MyUser]


The SL Common GUI opens in the browser by displaying the Welcome screen.Note
Before you reach the Welcome screen, your browser might warn you that the certificate of the sapinst process on this computer could not be verified. Accept this warning to inform your browser that it can trust this site, even if the certificate could not be verified.

If still want to use old model of SAPINST – start the sapinst executable (old SAPINST) with the command line option SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false

./sapinst SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false   —  exact command script

If you are using a stack configuration file (see Installation Using a Stack Configuration File (Optional) you have to call the sapinst executable with command line parameter

./sapinst SAPINST_STACK_XML=<Path_To_Stack_XML_File>; SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false

New Browser based UI as standard for Software Provisioning Manager SP20 –

The SL Common GUI with SAPINST 7.49 (or SL Common GUI for short) uses the SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (also known as SAPUI5) a client –
side HTML5 rendering library based on JavaScript. The benefits of this new user interface technology for the user are:
▫Zero foot print, since only a Web browser is required on the client
▫New controls and functionality (for example, view logs in Web browser), only use HTTP(s)


Further information on Software Provisioning Manager 1.0
–1680045 – Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 (recommended: SP20)
–Download of tool and documentation in SAP Support Portal at:
–Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 in SAP Community Network

For restrictions and limitations, see the scenario-specific SAP Notes:

● Installation: This SAP Note 1680045
● System Copy: SAP Note 1738258
● System Rename: SAP Note 1619720
● Dual-Stack Split: SAP Note 1797362


Any comments, feedback are appreciated.


Amit Lal


Disclaimer – These are my personal opinions and thoughts. This does not represent any formal opinions, POVs, inputs, product road-maps etc. from my current or past employers or partners or/and any Clients.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      My SAPINST does not even complete the initial steps. It just stops. Following are the only messages, after which the command prompt is returned.

      Any idea? Am i missing something during starup?


      # ./sapinst
      [==============================] / extracting... done!
      * The automatic 'backup' configuration has been updated.
      * Future operations will update the backup without prompting.
      * The requested changes have been applied to the currently
      running configuration.
      NOTE: No change to the tunable 'maxdsiz_64bit' was needed.
      Tunable Value Expression Changes
      maxdsiz_64bit 17179869184 17179869184 Immed

      SAPinst build information:
      Version: 749.0.28
      Build: 1770975
      Compile time: Jul 05 2017 - 16:46:22
      Make type: optU
      Codeline: 749_REL
      Platform: hpia64
      Kernel build: 749, patch 300, changelist 1770269
      SAP JRE build: SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.030 25.51-b02, Apr 26 2017 19:15:02 - 81_REL - optU - hpux ia64 - 6 - bas2:288514 (mixed mode))
      SAP JCo build: 3.0.16
      SL-UI version: 2.6.2
      SAP UI5 version: 1.42.4
      Exe directory: /tmp/sapinst_exe.25815.1501218057



      Author's profile photo AMIT Lal
      AMIT Lal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi  Anupom, Please use Q&A section to get the inputs.  Are you using root user? with full permission on /tmp dir?


      Try below command again

      ./sapinst SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false



      Amit Lal

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Amit,

      Yes I am using root user with full permission to all directories in unix.

      But the new SL GUI mode never started and I dont see any port number listening for SL GUI.

      So resorted to the old mode, which worked.


      Anupom Bora


      Author's profile photo AMIT Lal
      AMIT Lal
      Blog Post Author

      Good to know...

      Author's profile photo Sudarsan Desikan
      Sudarsan Desikan

      Nice Blog!

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Hussaini Syed Shah
      Mohammed Hussaini Syed Shah

      This blog helped me launching SWPM1SP20_8 as old GUI.

      Thank you Amit!!

      Author's profile photo AMIT Lal
      AMIT Lal
      Blog Post Author

      You are most welcome! Good luck...

      Author's profile photo Christian Korb
      Christian Korb



      we want to install S4HANA on HANA DB using SWPM SP23 on Linux System. The Hardware is provided in a cloud. We are using putty and XMing to connect to the Server and to execute the commands. First we installed the HANA DB correctly without Problems.

      Now we downloaded all installations files from the maintenance planner. First i tried to install S4HANA with running the SWPM with the web browser Modus running command

      ./sapinst SAPINST_STACK_XML=<Path_To_Stack_XML_File>;

      But with using putty, XMing and Firefox the connection and reaction of the browser is very very slow. Now we tried to run SWPM in the "old" Java mode to get a better performance with the additional command

      ./sapinst SAPINST_STACK_XML=<Path_To_Stack_XML_File> SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false . But after running this command nevertheless i only have the option to run SWPM in browser mode. No Java surface is opening like during HANA DB Installation or running SAP download Manager.

      Do you have any ideas regarding this behavior?

      Author's profile photo AMIT Lal
      AMIT Lal
      Blog Post Author


      It should open, did u check the logs of sapinst (sapinst*.log) and try to run xclock?



      Author's profile photo Christian Korb
      Christian Korb



      xclock works. We solved this Problem with using VNC as Connection to the Server.

      Author's profile photo AMIT Lal
      AMIT Lal
      Blog Post Author

      Good to know! Good luck with your work