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S/4 HANA On Premise – Old Transactions (e.g. XD01) still work in Batch-Input-Mode!

About a year ago, I wrote about how I compeared an actual S/4HANA system agains the Simplification List. This is kind of a follow-up item to it.

In my past years with SAP projects, I have been using SHDB (the “recording” button in SM35) to quickly and repeatedly generate Test-Data in various Systems.

When I got my hands on our S/4HANA 1610* (initial shipment Stack) installation, I tried them out there, too.

Amongst them was script to create a vendor using XK01. As kind of a joke I ran it, expecting the message you get when you call XD01 on an S/4HANA system:
“Redirecting to transaction BP, as transaction XK01 is obsolete” (MD_BP028).

I was quite surprised when I saw my script running trough just fine.

While XD01, XK01 and that like redirect to BP when called “normally”, they still work fine, when called in Batch-Input mode.

We can verify what I just explained by looking into the coding:

Please note: This is something “nice to know”, I don’t see it as really being helpful in a productive way. The correct way to create Business Partners is using transaction BP!

*(I tried the same on an 1511 FPS 01, with the same behavior!)
So that’s my experience with SHDB on S/4HANA.




PS: This is all about “on premise” where we have the compatibility scope in place – I can’t try, but I’m pretty sure this will not work in Cloud.

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  • Althought i kind agree it is nice to know the old batch input tools are still available, what would be the best way to migrate and create test data in S/4 Hana enviroments?

    To my understandings SAP favors SAP Data services and IDOC for such task. what is your recommendation?.

    • Hi Alejandro,

      I don’t have experience with SAP Data Services, and don’t plan to use them.
      For me personally, I’ll probably stick with my SHDB-scripts (for creating Material, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders…) or create data manually (Customer Vendor using BP).

      If your experienced in eCatt I think this should still work, to (to some degree).

      My recommendation: try to use whatever you used in the past -> what you’re comfortable with.
      Of course, if you can invest some time in SAP Data Services, this surely is well-invested, because – as you mention – this seems to be where SAP wants to go!


      PS: If you're interested in creating Business Partner test data using LSMW, there's a blog nicely explaining what to do: