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S/4 HANA On Premise – Old Transactions (e.g. XD01) still work in Batch-Input-Mode!

About a year ago, I wrote about how I compeared an actual S/4HANA system agains the Simplification List. This is kind of a follow-up item to it.

In my past years with SAP projects, I have been using SHDB (the “recording” button in SM35) to quickly and repeatedly generate Test-Data in various Systems.

When I got my hands on our S/4HANA 1610* (initial shipment Stack) installation, I tried them out there, too.

Amongst them was script to create a vendor using XK01. As kind of a joke I ran it, expecting the message you get when you call XD01 on an S/4HANA system:
“Redirecting to transaction BP, as transaction XK01 is obsolete” (MD_BP028).

I was quite surprised when I saw my script running trough just fine.

While XD01, XK01 and that like redirect to BP when called “normally”, they still work fine, when called in Batch-Input mode.

We can verify what I just explained by looking into the coding:

Please note: This is something “nice to know”, I don’t see it as really being helpful in a productive way. The correct way to create Business Partners is using transaction BP!

*(I tried the same on an 1511 FPS 01, with the same behavior!)
So that’s my experience with SHDB on S/4HANA.




PS: This is all about “on premise” where we have the compatibility scope in place – I can’t try, but I’m pretty sure this will not work in Cloud.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Althought i kind agree it is nice to know the old batch input tools are still available, what would be the best way to migrate and create test data in S/4 Hana enviroments?

      To my understandings SAP favors SAP Data services and IDOC for such task. what is your recommendation?.

      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alejandro,

      I don’t have experience with SAP Data Services, and don’t plan to use them.
      For me personally, I’ll probably stick with my SHDB-scripts (for creating Material, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders…) or create data manually (Customer Vendor using BP).

      If your experienced in eCatt I think this should still work, to (to some degree).

      My recommendation: try to use whatever you used in the past -> what you’re comfortable with.
      Of course, if you can invest some time in SAP Data Services, this surely is well-invested, because – as you mention – this seems to be where SAP wants to go!


      PS: If you're interested in creating Business Partner test data using LSMW, there's a blog nicely explaining what to do: