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Hi all,

Since May 26 2018, a new version of the mobile app for iOS is available.
This verson features a t
echnical improvement as outlined in SAP Note 2642540.

Since its launch in October 2010, our mobile app for iOS is very successful and well established as an essential feature of SAP Business One.

Some general information on SAP Business One mobile app for iOS:

Best regards, Peter

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  1. Former Member

    Thank you. peter

    now,i had been released the most recent version 1.10.1 a few days ago. and according to SAP Notes reference 1602674 ,it has been configured . but the error “permission denied” is being displayed and logon to the mobile app is not possible.there are some questions:

    1. it is necessary to obtain a valid SSL certificate, or can be clicked “continue”, whether the error affected by this?

    2. is correct the device ID obtained from the email ?or apple UDID?

    Best regards,johnny

    1. Peter Hartwich Post author

      Dear Johnny,

      I hope you could clear the issue in the meantime! It should have been a quite simple issue in configuration, SAP Note 1602674 gives you comprehensive help for troubleshooting.

      To answer your questions,
      1) In current versions, it is not yet mandatory to use a valid SSL certificate. Please see SAP note 2019275 for details.
      2) For more information see Retrieving the Mobile Device ID in the Full Guide / Documentation: SAP Business One for iOS.

      Hope this helps,

          1. Former Member

            Hi Peter,

            Sorry I reply at this momet, I had to let this project away for a while.

            Now I am back and the answer y YES, the links are working again.


          1. Dayal Thyagaragan

            Hi Peter ,

            thank you for the new note. Please help me confirm if I can use the “local Ip address: as shown when testing within my LAN .

            for this part  -subj/CN=”IP ADDRESS”



            1. Peter Hartwich Post author

              Hi Dayal,

              for testing purposes in your LAN you can use the local ip address (as far as I understand your specific scenario correctly)

              Best, Peter

              1. Dayal Thyagaragan

                Dear Peter

                  Thank you for the reply . After the key store import I see the error in Tomcat logs as shown

                “Key Store was Tampered with ,or Password was incorrect” .

                I have entered the password correct many times.Still I am facing this problem.

                What could be wrong?

                Thank you



          2. Dayal Thyagaragan

            Hi Peter

              I don’t see much of difference between  old version of the document and V14 .except

            4. Restart SAP business One Integration Services from Services Panel  which I always do.

            Is there any other thing I may be missing.



          3. Former Member

            Dear Peter,

            We Installed SAP Mobile App in Both Android Mobile & IOS Mobile.

            We followed the SAP Release notes:   2019275 to create our  self-signed certificate.

            We installed the SSL Certificate in Both Android Mobile & IOS Mobile.

            Android Mobile working fine after install our SSL Certificate. But IOS  Mobile still prompting below message. Kindly help us. We tried out best.

            The certificate for this server was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. The connection to the server is disabled. Contact your IT administrator for more details




            1. Peter Hartwich Post author

              Dear Gopi,

              have you noticed anything on installing the myCA.cer file by email to the iOS device? Can you find it on the device under profiles again? I’d recommend to look for some troiubleshooting info about using self-signed certificates with iOS, there’s plenty of contenct you can find on the internet.

              Best, Peter

              1. Former Member

                Dear Peter,

                Thanks for your reply.yes we installed the myCA.cer file by email successfully.

                Yes we can find the Profile under general settings in IOS Mobile.

                But after also we are facing the same issue when we try to login in IOS Mobile. Same myCA.cer file we installed in Android Mobile. But in Android we can able to connect App. But IOS can’t.

                1. Former Member

                  Dear Peter,


                  1. Bacalan Robeth John

                    Dear Gopi,

                    Would really appreciate it if you can give me some help.

                    Basically, I’m also experiencing the same issue.

                    When you say ‘DOMAIN NAME’, is it on the ‘Create self-signed certificate for multiple servers’ step in the SAP note 2019275?

                    Do I still have to do that even if i’m only using one server?

                    Badly need your help.

                    Thanks in advance.



                    1. Former Member

                      Hi Rob,

                      Instead of server domain name i used IP address.Below my script to generate the SSL.

                      set OPENSSL_CONF=c:\openssl-win64\bin\openssl.cfg

                      openssl genrsa -out ServerKey.key 1024

                      openssl req -new -x509 -key ServerKey.key -out myCA.cer -days 3650 -subj /CN=”SAP”

                      openssl genrsa -out ClientKey.key 1024

                      openssl req -new -key ClientKey.key -out CertReq.csr -subj /CN=”IP Address

                      openssl x509 -req -days 3650 -in CertReq.csr -CA myCA.cer -CAkey ServerKey.key -CAcreateserial -out ClientCert.crt

                      openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey ClientKey.key -in ClientCert.crt -out keystore.pkcs12


                      here  cmd i went to Java –>jre1.8.0_31–>bin i run below scripts

                      keytool -delete -alias tomcat -keystore “C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One Integration\IntegrationServer\Tomcat\webapps\B1iXcellerator\.keystore” -storepass sapB1iP

                      keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore “C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One Integration\IntegrationServer\Tomcat\webapps\B1iXcellerator\keystore.pkcs12” -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore “C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One Integration\IntegrationServer\Tomcat\webapps\B1iXcellerator\.keystore” -deststoretype JKS -deststorepass sapB1iP -srcstorepass sapB1iP

                      keytool -changealias -alias 1 -destalias tomcat -keystore “C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One Integration\IntegrationServer\Tomcat\webapps\B1iXcellerator\.keystore” -storepass sapB1iP

  2. Former Member


    I try to open SAP Note about technical improvemets, but for note 2289273 my browser report

      Document is not released

    and for 2285134

    Impossibile trovare il server DNS address di https.


    Did you know if there are some problem??



    1. Peter Hartwich Post author

      Hi Riccardo,

      Thanks for your feedback. SAP note 2285134 should work indeed, please check again.

      You’re right about 2289273, it is not available currently. Our fault, my colleagues are working on it.

      Thanks, peter


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