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After upgrading to Fiori Client 1.6.2 it hangs on login screen including Kapsel SDK

Hello Everyone,

If you are using Fiori Client 1.6.2, or SMP 3.0 SDK SP 11 PL02 please continue reading.

Currently the Fiori Client 1.6.2 in the Google Play Store has a product issue where when the user tries to login to it, Fiori Client hangs. This happens with the Fiori Client from Google Play Store or a Custom Fiori Client built from the Kapsel SDK having a Kapsel version of SP 11 PL02 or higher. SAP has identified this as a product issue and a fix has been implemented. It will be available in the Google Play very soon for the Fiori Client as well the SDK fix will be available in the SAP Service Market Place.

Please refer to the following KBA, 2299625,  that address the Fiori Client issue and KBA 2296764 to address the SMP 3.0 SDK SP11 PL02.

Thank you

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  • Hello Ali,

    Thanks for the heads-up. As it's only the version in the Google Play Store is this an Android only issue or is it on both platforms when using a Custom Fiori Client?


    BTW, the links are pointing to internal SAP urls at the moment.