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How to reverse flows with payment request

You have executed payment run via transaction code F111, now you want to reverse the flows. Please execute the below steps:

1) Reverse transaction in transaction manager.

2) Execute transaction FBRA for the clearing document which you can find in the payment request but also in the ‘original’ FI document and then to the bank clearing account: there you also should find the clearing document. If the clearing is already reset then you can check the change documents of the ‘original’ FI document (‘original’ means the document created by TBB1). You have to reset and reverse the clearing document.

3) Execute transaction F8BW to reverse the payment request. The payment request should still be in table PAYRQ, but the request is marked as reversed and the clearing document in the payment request is the number of the payment request itself.

4) Execute transaction TPM10. The ‘original’ FI document will be reversed.

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  • Hi  Jasmine, thanks you for your expert blog entries on TRM. We hope you can advise on this complex and confusing scenario. On txn TPM10, we get error PZ096 on Reverse Reason 01, although we have selected Reason 02 on the selection screen.
    Background is that we created TBB1 in October 2016 an FX Deal with incorrect FTyp 1215. This was posted to FI (doc type TT), and  Payment Request (F111, doc type ZT) and Manual Clearing (FB05, ZR) were posted in FI. To reverse them, we did FBRA and FB08 and F8BW. But it seems the TT doc is still not reversed???
    Now we are struggling to Reverse the incorrect flow in TRM and FI, using txn TPM10. Error message PZ096: Payment Request has been Cleared - Reversal not possible. The original TBB1 was posted in October, but we want to reverse in December. It seems the Date is the problem? Or a software problem, because Reason code 02 is interpreted as Reason 01.
    Should we change the Error Message  PZ096 to a Warning?
    Many thanks

    • Hello Hannes,

      It is not possible to reverse the flows with TPM10 when the payment requests are not available in table PAYRQ anymore. But it should be possible to reverse the flows in the Transaction Manager only (with transaction TBB3). If the error message is PZ096, then you have to customize the message to a warning message (see the note 1172955 please).

      Best regards,