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Experimenting with BI4.1 SP06 BI Variants

Using the information available in the Early Knowledge Transfer (EKT) for BI4.1 SP06 (in the SAP Learning Hub at, I read more about BI variants.  These only work with Web Intelligence now – will it work with BEx queries?  What about Mobile BI?  See below.

First I used the Web Intelligence samples that come with the BI Platform (not BEx queries)


Figure 1

You can see the disk with the + sign to “create prompt variant”.


Figure 2

So I create a few BI prompt variants with different saved criteria.  These work as expected.

Now Web Intelligence with BEx queries:


Figure 3

So I run the query in Web Intelligence and create a prompt in the query panel (the above shows the Message Priority field)


Figure 4

Figure 4 shows the Message Priority prompt


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows where I create another BI variant

Limitations per the EKT document include that a copy of the document does not copy the variant and “variants cannot be shared between documents or users”

How does this look with Mobile BI?


Figure 6

When I logon to Mobile BI I am notified of the new documents added (which is a nice feature)

I don’t think Mobile BI supports BI variants:


Figure 7

I don’t see my available variants – maybe this is coming?


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  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for sharing this info. Regarding the BEx query: any idea if the variants also support BEx variables (which will show up in the prompt screen next to the prompts defined in the query panel)?


    – Kristof

  • Hi, thanks for the information, and clarifying how this works.

    I was initially getting frustrated as I wasn't seeing the Prompt Variants drop-down and buttons above the prompts, eventually I worked out because I was testing a brand new document. It seems you have to save the Web Intelligence document first before you can create variants.