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When doing posting in Treasury, you can generate FI document as usual. Also you can generate payment request in TRM and then do payment via F111 later.

In order to create payment request, you first need to make sure the relative  indicator is selected in the payment details.

In Transaction management, when you create a transaction in FTR_CREATE, you can set it in the payment details tab.
(For postings from position management, you also need to maintain it)


You can set the group and netting functionality here which can allow you to pay the requests generated from these transaction together, etc.

Then, you need to make sure the relative flow types allow payment request generation.

The customizing is under:

SPRO->Financial Supply Chain Management
          -> Treasury and Risk Management
          ->Transaction Manager
          ->Money Market(Foreign Exchanges, etc)
          -> Transaction Management
          -> Flow Types
          -> Define Flow Types


Here you can control the direction to create payment request, incoming and out going or both, even not allowed at all.

Another important point related here is the payment clearing account
When you do posting with payment request, the FI document will not debit  the bank clearing acount directly(it will be used in the payment program) but the payment clearing account. So you need to set a default clearing account for the posting.

It’s set here:

SPRO->Financial Supply Chain Management

          -> Treasury and Risk Management

          ->Transaction Manager

          -> General Setting
          ->Payment Management
          ->Payment Request
          -> Define Clearing Account for Payment Requests

This clearing account is Company Code dependented as shown in the screen, so you need to maintain it for each Company Code.

The last one I  want to write is the bank clearing account PAYRQ-HKBHK which will be used in payment.

When generating payment request from treasury, the default G/L account set in the  master data of house bank- account(FI12) and account determination in the customizing are used together for bank clearing account.


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  1. Joao Ferreira


    Nice job on the article!

    I am trying to generate a payment request for a “netting transaction”, that is, I create a netting with 2 transactions and obtain a value, like this:

    Transaction A:

    Buy +100 USD
    Sell -600 SEK

    Transaction B:

    Buy +100 USD

    Sell -600 SEK

    I created them such as netting is allows via TBR1 or TBR5, and the amount -1200 is to be considered for payment (not two “lines” of 600).

    To be able to get the F111 program to consider these transactions, I have to run TBB1, which posts the transactions and creates the key numbers for payment requests.

    After TBB1, when I go for the payment program, it does not pick my transactions after I have selected the key numbers generated by TBB1.

    Do you know how to turn this around?




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