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Author's profile photo Said Shepl

Install First Cluster Node.

We are present the installation of SAP System with a high availability for ABAP Instance:

This installation will be on Windows Server 2012 R2 as a platform and a SQL Server 2012 SP1 as adatabase level.

we well use Software provision manager 0.1 SP 06 and Kernel 7.2:

also we are divided this installation to the following Parts:

Part 1- Install SQL Server Cluster.

Installing SAP HA on SQL Part1: Install SQL Server Cluster.

Installing SAP HA on SQL Part1: Install SQL Server Cluster step2

Part 2- Install First Cluster Node.

Part 3- Install DB instance.

Part 4- Install Additional Cluster Node.

Part 5- nstall Centeral Instance.

Part 6- Install dialog Instance.

we will start directly now in Part 2- Install First Cluster Node.

you must download Software provision manager with last update (Uncar it) and Kernel last update for the same version an start by

choose system copy –> MS SQL Server –> Target System Installation –> High-Availability System –> Based on AS ABAP –> First Cluster Node

First Cluster Node 01.PNG

First Cluster Node 02.PNG

We are received the following error:

we are solve this issue by follow SAP Note: 1676665

First Cluster Node 02 Sol.PNG

Download and install Vcredist_x64 and install it

In this case, install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update, which is available at:

Retry the installation with SWPM.

First Cluster Node 03.PNG

First Cluster Node 04.PNG

First Cluster Node 05.PNG

Note: In this Step, you must Create A record in your DNS by SAP Virtual instance host name:

First Cluster Node 06.PNG

First Cluster Node 07.PNG

First Cluster Node 08.PNGFirst Cluster Node 09.PNG

First Cluster Node 10.PNG

First Cluster Node 11.PNG

We receive this error because we choose Cluster Disk 1 which is specified to SQL Server, We are re-choose Cluster Disk 3 which is available storage as the following:

First Cluster Node 12.PNG

First Cluster Node 13.PNG

First Cluster Node 14.PNG

First Cluster Node 15.PNG

Select Kernel drive LABELIDX.ASC

First Cluster Node 16.PNG

First Cluster Node 17.PNG

First Cluster Node 18.PNG

Reconfigure SWAP in OS Platform

First Cluster Node 20.PNG

First Cluster Node 09.PNG

First Cluster Node 22.PNG

First Cluster Node 23.PNG

First Cluster Node 24.PNG

First Cluster Node 25.PNG

First Cluster Node 26.PNG

First Cluster Node 27.PNG

First Cluster Node 28.PNG

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      Author's profile photo Chris Kernaghan
      Chris Kernaghan

      I can appreciate what you have tried to do here, but I think it would have been more useful to have a more rounded discussion on why the solution is architected as it is and installed as you have laid out here. SAP do provide a solid set of installation documents which I have found to be quite adequate and easily supplemented with documents/wikis as you have done. The issue with documents like yours is that they are usually only useful for a handful of installations until the SWPM tool gets updated, the best way to guard against this type of obsolescence is to provide a richer blog discussing why you select options during your installation.


      Author's profile photo Said Shepl
      Said Shepl
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Chris,

          Thanks about your comment, This was just try to share my work with SAP Expert, to add or remove what they want. also to review the problem which face us in this installation and solution which we go to it for exceed this problems  and we can discuss the architect solution for this issue in new Blog.


      Said Shepl

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Said Shepl,

      We are planning to migrate (OS) from WIN SRV 2008 to WIN SRV 2012 R2 using Export/Import Method.

      Our Current DB is ASE 15.7 and Target DB will be 16.0.

      We also want SAP clustering to be installed and Configured in our PROD environment to make it zero downtime.

      Could you please guide us with the steps we need to follow to make it success.

      Thanks in advance...


      Gouri Prasad.