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Product Information

Log collector that helps an SAP/Oracle administrator to provide logs to SAP Support

Hi Community Members,


I just created a script for Oracle databases under SAP, that collects different logfiles. It helps either you or SAP Support to analyze issues and get the required details about it.

The tool is called Logca (Log Collector Assistant).


Features of this tool is:

– No user interaction is needed

– Reads some env. variables of the actual user (sidadm and orasid or even oracle) like ORACLE_HOME,ORACLE_BASE,ORACLE_SID

– based on the env. variables all the logs are compressed into logca<…>.zip


Benefits of this tool:

– easy usage

– all required logfiles are available, so no missing logfiles during your/our analyze


General usage:

– copy file to the /tmp or %TMP% directory

– execute the script as <sid>adm

– check or attach to the incident

– decompress it on your company machine

– enjoy having all the required logfiles 😉


Works in AIX,Linux,HP-UX,Solaris and Windows environments and 12c,18c,19c compliant.


The script itself is attached in below KBA:

2090832 – Log Collector Assistant (Logca)




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