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HTML5 version of SAP Business ByDesign

Hier ist ebenfalls eine deutsche Version des Artikels verfügbar.

I often get the question how long it will take till SAP has finalized his HTML5 version of SAP Business ByDesign.

The simple answer is, just take a look in your system…

There is already an HTML5 version available in every SAP Business ByDesign system, what you have to do to get this is quite simple. You only have to manipulate the URL of your system like that:


Be aware of that this version is still in development and there isn`t all functionality available.

But the fact is that there is coming more and more functionality. Last thing I saw was the availability of Self Service portal including time recording. And in general you will see that the HTML5 version has a essential better performance.

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  • Andreas,

    Thank you for posting this. This is seriously good to know.

    This makes me excited for what's coming - i immediately went in and tried a few things, and while i understand not everything is complete, there's a noticeable improvement

    For example, i tried to set up a new Sales Order. I entered several lines, then saw i could update quantity, price, discount, etc. and move on to the next line while the calculations were performed asynchronously - definitely better than the Silverlight UI.

    The biggest complaint on performance we get is "why do i have to wait every time i do something", and i looks like the HTML5 interface will at least make some progress on addressing those complaints.

    The fact that the improvement is noticeable even while it's still in development is very encouraging.

  • Thank you Andreas,

    This UI is really promising!

    I am looking forward its public release.

    All the screen adaptation workflow seems to have been improved. Very promising!

    The error messages are well displayed and the two options to hide or display the messages, even with a tooltip, are far betterthan the Silverlight according to me.
    And, as said Dan, the performance is already improved while the solution is still in dev. I am so waiting for this release!

    Thanks for the update Andreas.

    Best regards.


  • Andreas,

    I am glad that SAP has recognized the importance and moved towards HTML5. Looks promising.

    When I tried last time the URL hack you provided, I didn't see Application and User Management Work Center there. Is it available now or do you know if there is a way to enable the work center under HTML5 UI?


  • Good stuff Andreas,

    Just so that I understand:

      - HTML5 will make BYD browser agnostic (BYD can run on any browser and on any

        operating system), right?

      - How will this affect the Excel add-in?

    Thank you,


    • Hello Hans,

      - For you first question, I think you are right. Actually, you can test the HTML5 version on different browsers with the link Andreas gave us. But normally, the 1408 Bydesign release is already compatible with the 3 majors we browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome.

      - For the Excel add-In I do not think this change much. It is application based, so I think OS X will remain non-compatible for the Excel Ad-in in the HTML5 version of ByD. Perhaps same thing with the Adobe Livecyle Designer.

      Nevertheless, we need a confirmation of SAP. 🙂

      Have a nice day

      Best regards


  • Interesting,

    - could you give any comments on feature parity in comparison to the Silverlight UI

    - with what release will you encourage testing by the key users (1411, 1502, ...)

    kind regards,

    • Not yet Marcos, official answer whcih I got from Rainer Zinow is that SAP is still waiting for the finalization of the Fiori library for SAP ECC.

      In my opinion SAP has currently another focus...stabilization an improvements of Core system (for me personal it is more important as HTML5, too). HTML5 is still on the roadmap but with less priority.

      • Nice to here from you Andreas.

        However, I really hope that the ECC team finishes quick as I am pretty convinced that Firefox also won't support Silverlight at the end of this year. So we will be left with IE...

        MS themselves have admitted they were putting Silverlight away for a new and clean UI controller. Silverlight is a dead technology. Even Project Spartan/Edge from MS won't support it.

        Anyway I am looking forward the UI5 release!

        Best regards.

        Jacques-Antoine Ollier

  • Hey y'all,

    just tried to use the time recording of the HTML5-version (as silverlight time recording is very unsuitable) but unfortunately, it is  not fully implemented yet.

    It was announced about two years ago that there will be a shift towards HTML5 user interface. Does anyone know something about a timeline or when this is going to be completed??

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Pablo,

      I do not know when the HTML5 version will be released, but I can say there is also a new client being developed with the Fiori library.

      So I do not know which one is the priority, HTML5 or Fiori, but SAP is working on it.

      However, I do not think there is a time line for HTML5.

      Thank you for your attention.

      Best regards.

      Jacques-Antoine Ollier