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The Broadcast messages (BCM) is a new feature that gives portal administrators the ability to broadcast messages to end users in a defined time frame. It also gives the ability to assign a message to certain groups or roles with priority (high/normal).


You have installed SAP NetWeaver Portal (EP) 7.31 SP11 or above.

Note: the original text of this blog was removed.

We recommend to read the following blogs to get the updated information:

Using the broadcast messaging (BCM) client side API

New Development: Broadcast Messages in SAP NetWeaver Portal








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  1. Arpita Nath

    Hi Erez,

    Now I am getting the status as broadcasting…but now also I am unable to see the message…What could be the reason?

    Best Regards,


  2. Erez Neiderman

    Hi Arpita,

    I guess something with the configurations of the BCM was missed.

    Please go through this blog again, and if the issue persists, create a message for support.

    Best regards,


    1. Saar Dagan

      Hi Trent,

      Since the Fiori Framework Page is a normal portal framework page there is no problem of using the broadcast functionality, except for the UI.

      The Sample UI was built for Classic/AFP framework pages so if you wish to use it on Fiori you will need to write your own UI but the BCM framework will work.





    I am able to configure this functionality and this works perfectly well.

    I have 2 questions for this:

    1. When a new broadcast message is created, users that are already in the system are not notified and the bullhorn does not change. Is this how it works and can be changed?

    I want logged in users to be notified through the BCM icon or other way when a new message is broadcasted.

    2. How can this functionality be modified? I read a blog about BCM client APIs. From where should I get the code for this?

    Deep Desai

      1. Deep PIYUSH DESAI

        Thanks for the update.

        What I understand is I can change the polling interval using NWA.

        But I am not able to identify how to modify the client side API. Where should I get the code for the methods you have highlighted in the client side APIs bolg?

        1. Saar Dagan

          Hi Deep Desai,

          The client side API is exactly what it is an API, meaning that if the BCM framework iView is located in your framework page you can use the API methods in order to create your own UI iView.

          You can’t change an API, the API is provided to allow you to listen to the event.



  4. Kishore Yennam

    Hi Yasser,

    Thanks for the info. However, In my requirement, I need to broadcast messages in the portal logon page not inside the portal. Can you please suggest??



      1. Kishore Yennam

        Hi Meghal,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes.We can add HTML Tag Marquee.But,The requirement is something like this..Everyday or frequently, Some Admin User will create messages/News/Post and when he submits the message, it should get display on the logon page.

        Also, If we add any HTML tag, we need to deploy the changes to the server which is not at all recommended in our case.



        1. meghal shah

          Hi Gowri,

          You’ll need and umelogonbase.jar  for this.

          you need include a km document path into the umLogonPage.jsp like -( href=”/irj/go/km/docs/documents/<File Name>”.

          Every time u can upload the same file name with different content .

          Thanks & Regards,

          Meghal Shah

          1. Kishore Yennam

            Hi Meghal,

            I have done the changes as per your suggestion.But, it was asking for the user credentials in the logon page. I have set the auth.scheme property as “Anonymous” and provided the KM document with “anonymous” group permissions.

            Can you please suggest on this?

            KM Login Issue.jpg

              1. Kishore Yennam

                Hi Meghal,

                Thanks for your response. You are very kind and propmtly respond to my queries.

                I followed the document and it was working fine.

                Thank you very much once again for your support.

                please let me know how can i award points??



  5. Kishore Yennam


    I followed the above steps and i was not able to see the message and also, i was getting the iview details as shown in the screen.Kindly suggest.Broadcast Message.jpg

  6. Gilles JUNG

    Hello Yasser,

    Thanks for detailed informations.

    One remark : in order to make it works, EP had to be restarted in my case (7.31 SP16).



  7. Sumana Ghosh

    Hi ,

    I am using the classic framework page in NW7.4 portal. I have done all the configuration mentioned the blog. But I am not able to see the BCM icon in portal masthead. Is it possible to display the icon in classic framework page. I have check the mesaage status as green and activate all the services in NWA. Please let me knlow your comments.


    Sumana Ghosh

  8. Gilles JUNG


    I think that giving role “broadcast_messages_role” to user or group is no sufficiant to make it works.

    If you have role “content_admin_role” it works fine (as in you example).

    Any way to make it works without giving content_admin_role ?

    Kind rgds


  9. David Ingersoll

    Running Portal 7.4 and also should note that we had to restart the instance before the changes worked.

    Also, is there a way to make the message appear without the user clicking on the bull horn?  It’s a little too subtle for some users to notice…..

  10. Anil Kumar

    Hi Experts,

    Can anyone suggest how to Broadcast messageframework iview and sample broadcast iview in the Framework page ?








  11. sap mmsrm

    Hi all,


    I was able to broadcast the message but to view the message I need to click on the horn icon to view the message. Is it possible to default the message without clicking the icon.




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