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New Development: Broadcast Messages in SAP NetWeaver Portal

The Broadcast messages (BCM) new feature gives the ability for portal administrators to broadcast messages to end users in a short time frame.

End users will be notified on relevant new messages in real time.

The feature is available from SAP NetWeaver EP7.3 EHP1  SP11.

In SP12 an addtional functionally was added:

1)    1) The ability to assign a message to groups.

2)    2) Set a message priority (normal/high).

       How to enable the BCM


       SAP Note: 1930281


       Video demo

If you would like to learn more regarding the BCM functionality, please ask
for information in the comments and I will try to add it to the blog.


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  • This has been needed for a long time.  We’re still 18 months away from upgrading our portal to 7.3, though… we really needed this on 7.01.  Do you know if there’s any plan to downport this feature?



    • You mean SAP note 1930281? Indeed, it’s currently not released. SAP must be working on it. Wait for a while, it will be released eventually.

  • We hide the user name on the right hand side where it says “Welcome User”, we found the name needs to show in order for the broadcast message icon to show.  Can this be separated?

    Also, any future capability to change bullhorn icon to something else?

  • We are currently working on an upgrade to NW 7.4 and plan to use this technology.  The megaphone icon has tested poorly in recent usability studies conducted on our upgraded system.    Is there a mechanism for allowing Portal Administrators or Developers to change the icon to something more intuitive?

    • Hi Joelle,

      The UI for the BCM is a sample UI, I suggest your developers will create a UI that is more suitable for your needs.

      If you only wish to change the icon to something more intuitive that’s easy, however it will not be upgrade safe.

      and every time you upgrade you will have to change the icon.



  • Hello,

    We just upgraded our Development Portal to 7.40 latest patch.  I created a Broadcast message and… nothing append.  I connected to this portal with another user (in private mode) but no message was broadcasted.

    Do I miss something ?  An iView must be added to the masterhead ?

    Best regards.