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Re-cap of one of the greatest shows on earth

One of the greatest shows on earth was organized at Friday the 27th of June. This show contained hands-on coding and catching up with old and new friends. Obviously I am talking about the SAP HANA Cloud Integration CodeJam organized and hosted by Q for IT and SAP. It was the first CodeJam on SAP HANA Cloud Integration and this topic is hot. When we opened the registration for the event, it was sold-out within 5 days.

The presenter of this CodeJam was Mr. Udo Paltzer from SAP A.G. He did a great job. Mr. Udo Paltzer is a very passionate man about his topic and also took time for the famous HANA Café NL Podcast by  answering questions. The podcast was organized by Twan van Den Broek.  A special thanks to both. You can listen to the podcast by clicking following link:

Now on topic with some highlights:

  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration is generally available.
  • The exact pricing will be announced any day soon. At least there will be a standard and professional edition available.
  • SAP HCI is capable of integrating with SAP Solution Manager.
  • API’s and standard services similar to SAP PI will become available, e.g. the services on start, stop and status on adapters.
  • Partners are able to create certified integration content.
  • All investment in SAP PI are still valid, SAP PI will continue to exist.
  • SAP HCI Connectivity: IDoc, SuccessFactors, OData, SFTP, SOAP, HTTP
  • SAP HCI Security:
    • Transport level: HTTPS, SFTP, VPN; basic authentication
    • Payload level: En-, decryption, signing, signature verification
    • Encrypted Data Persistency
    • Multi tenancy / data isolation
  • SAP HCI Design:
    • Browse, configure, deploy, monitor integration content via Web
    • Graphical modelling of integration flows incl. security, routing, mapping, connectivity, consistency checks, generation, deployment of runtime artefacts in Eclipse.
  • SAP HCI Operations managed by SAP Cloud Managed Services:
    • Start, stop of runtime nodes
    • Deploy security material to runtime nodes
    • Drive software updates, message monitoring
    • SAP data centers being set up around the globe
    • Centralized monitoring and administration

I also added the links to some pictures of the CodeJam:

Until next time!

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