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SAP BW 7.40 – Simplified Real-Time Replication using Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)

Since SAP BW 7.30 we have the possibility to write into BW with SLT as replication technology. This allows us to achieve real-time reporting and provisioning in many different scenarios. With the latest release of SAP BW 7.40 we enhanced this possibility and introduced a new technology which is based on the Operational Data Provisioning Framework. This allows as a more flexible and offers a scalable way to connect SLT to SAP BW.

So in general we can group the use cases and scenarios with BW and SLT like follows:

There is also a system demonstration of Astrid Tschense-Oesterle available where you can see (the latest and recommended option) with SLT and ODP
into SAP BW 7.40, in a more detailed manner.

You can also find an interesting discussion about real-time data with BW on HANA in general by Thomas Zurek here.

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  • Hello Marc Hartz,

    I am new to SAP LT space. could you please let me know if SAP LT is applicable only for BW on HANA or it can also be used on pure BW system? if yes, is it applicable only for BW 7.4?


    • hi Swati,

      you can replicate data with SLT into SAP BW 7.00 or higher, SAP HANA is not required.

      For SAP BW 7.00 you would use the scenario which creates WebService DataSources in the PSA layer in SAP BW. For SAP BW 7.40 (basic functionality with SAP BW 7.30 SP8 and higher) you can use the ODP scenario.

      Best Regards,


      • Thanks Astrid for responding. I have further questions.

        SLT will write directly to the BW PSA table but then on we will have to make use of RDA daemon to load data to DSO. If such is the case then what will be the difference between RDA and SLT?

        The reports will always run on the infoproviders and if the load frequency to Infoproviders is same then I dont see why one should chose SLT instead of RDA.

        I have tried to find any documentation of RDA comparison with SLT replication server but to no avail. It would be great if you could let me know why SLT is better than RDA?


        • Hi Swati,

                 First let me assume ur in BW7.40(HANA or Non- HANA).In this case to do Reltime time reporting you have two option

          1) SLT using ODP

          2) Normal RDA

          How Both are different from Each other

          SLT using ODQ –> SLT is a seperate application/server sits bewteen your source(ECC) and  your target(BW).And this application work based on DB trigger,waht does that mean is whenever there is any change in record in a source table then the Trigger pushes the DATA to configured Target  Table. So with BW context teh SLT will push data to the Delta qeue. Now to extract data from dleta que to PSA is optional  and from teh delta qeue data can be extracted directly to a Target data provider. Here the DTP to the provider has to be made as Realtime DTP and teh SLT system triggeers teh DTP when the Data comes to teh Delta Qeue.

          Normal RDA –> Here a concept of Deamon comes into picture which is a kind of a reatime job  created at BW side which will keep  looking at source Table and whenver there is  a new record teh record will be pulled to BW side till PSA. Then to take the record till infoprovider a realtime DTP has o be cretaed and assigned toteh same deamon .

          I hope this answers your question.

          Thanks & Regards


          • Hi Dinesh. Thanks for your response.

            My main concern here is to know which one of these is better?

            As we know RDA gives near real time data. I want to know if SLT provides Real time or again this is a Near real time data.


          • Hi Swati,

                        Personnaly I have not compared the performances, but SLT is better and SAP also investing more on SLT part and projecting it more.

            And in BW on HANA case for real real time reporting its good to use ODP opton also.

            Thanks & Regards


          • Hi Dinesh,

            I just want to know why do you think SLT is better? I can definately see that SAP is promoting it more and I could not find a single document that provides me the comparison between RDA and SLT which will be able to close argument between which one is better.

            please let me know if you come across any such doument/forum.


          • Hi Swati,

              As far I knw , I am listing out few reasons why SLT

            1) SLT is PUSH from the source(ERP) side whereas a RDA is pull from Target(BW) side.Push is always better because its closer to source.

            2) SLT is highly used for realtime replication for HANA.So to mantain the uniform techngolgy across all SAP products its is pushed more.And since SLT usage is higher investment made on this product is also higher  and also you get better support and more features.

            Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Swati,

      SLT and RDA are not competeting each other 🙂 . Let me help to clarify:

      • SLT is a powerful stand-alone technology for data replication into various targets. It creates database triggers for a source table and adds therefore delta capabilities and real-time provisioning for any supported source table.
      • RDA is a BW internal method to fetch data from certain sources via a real-time job. However it needs already a certain data supply (means a logic) from the source and is therefore mainly offered for SAP Sources. In this case a e.g. extractor has to offer the delta update in real time. The method to transfer the data into BW could be RDA.
      • The confusion starts because RDA is used to fetch data out of SLT. In this case SLT replicates the data real-time into its own persistency (ODQ). From there, BW fetches the data via RDA (a job to transfer from ODQ  into a BW data target)

      Hope this helps,



  • Hi Marc/Dinesh/Swati,

    I understand SLT is a powerful data replication to extract data into data targets. Can this be used in BW on HANA for the regular standard datasources, which do not support real time delta extraction ?

    I know that SLT is mainly used to replicate the complete table from ECC to HANA after which reporting can be done based on the requirement. But how can we use SLT for the classic BW on HANA standard extractors for eg. 2LIS_13_VAITM where its further loaded to hana optimized IC. …I mean if we have BW on HANA, do we really require SLT to extract data to BW. The customer has to invest again on a seperate SLT system to push data to BW. Is my understanding wrong ? I am new to HANA.

    For eg. we are using SLT to replicate data from SD tables, as we cannot use the standard datasource for this SLT, we need to extract data from the SD tables based on our reporting req, and we need to develop custom code or logic to achieve the report fields, where extra cost is involved adding to it, we will not be able to use the SAP standard functionality of the vanilla data models, if we use SLT for the data replication. Correct ?