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Incorrect backorder quantity with 0SD_O04 DSO from 2LIS_11_V_SSL datasource.

I am using 2LIS_11_V_SSL datasource to extract essential information about the delivery of order schedule lines to SAP BW system and loading into 0SD_O04 – Open Request Schedule Line DSO to calculate backorder quantity.

The key for 0SD_O04 dso is:

0DOC_NUMBER  Sales document

0SCHED_LINE  Schedule line number

0S_ORD_ITEM  Sales document item

I have an issue with backorder quantity due to partially confirmed and delivered order items are getting deleted.

This is because of the start routine of 0SD_O04 from the info source 2LIS_11_V_SSL. 

Field mapping is 0LW_GISTS -“Lowest GI Status of an Order Item”  <– MCEX_WBSTA_LOW –“Smallest Goods Movement Status of Order item”.

I have taken the below sales document as an example.

For sales order 5147701 and item 20, there is order quantity 10 and confirm quantity the schedule line.

Here for this order item backorder quantity is 7 (order quantity –confirmed qty).



Document Flow:

You can see below, delivery is also completed for the confirmed quantity (which is 3).

Document flow.JPG



I have filled the setup table with that sales document and run the extract checker RSA3.

See the status below.



After that I have loaded that sales document to BW system.

See below status in the PSA.


See the status in the new table of 0SD_O04 (after applied the start routine) below.

In the start routine there is a condition to check the 0LW_GISTS Lowest GI Status of an Order Item if it is “C” it will pass
the “Reverse Image” to the “Recordmode” field See below.

Start routine of 0SD_O04:

1.Start routine of 0SD_O04.JPG

New Table of 0SD_O04:

See the record mode value(R) in the new Table of 0SD_O04.

New Table.JPG

Once the data is activated the order item and schedule line which has the backorder quantity is getting deleted because of recordmode.


Please see the Solution below to avoid partially confirmed and delivered order items.

I have replaced 0LW_GISTS -“Lowest GI Status of an Order Item” with 0DLV_STSO –“Overall delivery status of the item” in the
start routine.

With this change in start routine the issue has solved.


I hope this helps.



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      Former Member

      Good one Shankar. Informative.

      Thanks for sharing.. 🙂



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      Harish Allachervu

      handy information... ℹ



      Author's profile photo Jan Breznar
      Jan Breznar

      Hi, I am having an issue with the standard start routine_9998. No schedule lines are deleted, even though the lowest status is C. The recordmode field just stays empty in the new data table. I also posted this issue as a question.

      Anyone experiencing the same?


      Thank you!