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Introduction to SAP Social Services Solution – Part I

SAP Social Services Management solution is designed for public sector organisations that provides services and cash assistance, funded as social assistance programs for the general welfare of individuals or families.

Common social services programs include unemployment benefits, child support, medical assistance,  pensions, pregnancy leave, maternal leave…whenever a citizen request financial assistance or compensation established by legislation, from the authorities.


The business processes includes the following steps:

business flow.jpg

Social Services functions are based on a SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) 7 with integrated SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) functions. SAP CRM provides functionality for managing benefits and deductions, when the ERP side is used to calculate/determine payments and financial process.

Additionally SAP Social Services uses SAP Business Rule Framework Plus (SAP BRF+) to manage rules.

Solution Components.png

…To be continued

Introduction to SAP Social Services Solution – Part II

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  • Hi Lyda,

    thanks for your very nice posting !

    It's very nice to see that our solution for Social Services gets more and more known globally 🙂

    How did you get in contact with this solution ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Lyda,

    Great info!

    What is the difference between Grantor management and Social Services? For example you can provide cash assistance for unemployment with grants using GM...



    • Hi,

      Technically are different goverments iniatiatives:

      Grantor is oriented to give "Grants" to organisations. Those grants depends usually of a project proposal approval, such as: arts festival, house program, community support, build parks/garde,etc... Once approve (could be approved less money), this money is granted with/without providing bills. Each grants is different (different amount, different project).

      Social services is about individual receiving financial assistance from the government, such as, maternity leave, employment assistance  or sick leave. You don't submit a project, only an application and payment is usually the same for all individuals. However each month could be changed, based on changes on your conditions. At the same time, if you own money to the government (for example council rates), you payment will be reduced.



  • Hi Lyda,

    I have just completed my SAP CRM Functional course and looking for a career in the same. I want to know the general issues encountered in SAP CRM functional in:

    1. implementation projects, and

    2. support implementation

    with their respective solutions.

    Thanks and regards,