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Remaining Document on Asset Management:



14. Specify Intervals and Posting Rules

You define the posting cycle (how often depreciation is posted) whether

monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual and the account assignment rules

for the depreciation-posting run.

The values for posting cycle are as follows:-

1 – Monthly posting

3 – Quarterly posting

6 – Semi-annual posting

12 – Annual posting




15.  Define Base Methods

The base method contains general control parameters the system needs for

calculating depreciation. You enter base method in a depreciation key.

In the base method you specify the following:-

1) Depreciation type

  2) Depreciation calculation method



16.  Define Base Methods


16.  Define Declining-Balance Method



17.  Maintain Period Control Methods




18.  Define Multi-Level Method



19.  Maintain Depreciation Key






20. Assign Depreciation Key


Assign the depreciation key to every class.


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