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Welcome to Mobile Applications in Financials

The development team for mobile applications in Financials would like to welcome you in the Mobile Applications in Financials Community on SCN! The goal of this space is to provide a common forum for customers, partners and consultants to interact. We would like to focus on our current app portfolio:

  • SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet (FinFactSheet)
  • SAP Receivables Manager (Receivables)
  • SAP Payment Approval (PayApproval)
  • SAP RealSpend (RealSpend)
  • SAP Document Approber (Doc Approver)

Also we will sneak preview future mobile app developments in Financials. Please join us, share your experiences and ask your questions!

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      • Hi Helge,

        well, I got now the iOS App to do Payment Approvals. I took a while to download the app.

        Do you have any experiance regaqrding security issues? Meaning the SAP App for Payment Approvals is installed on a iPhone / iPAD but on the same device Whats App could be installed, too.

        Or does any policy exist, that such Apps like ‘Whats App’ could not be installed?

        Kind regards,


        • Hi Michael,

          some comments from my side:

          1. All apps on an iPhone are sandboxed. There is no hidden data access from one app to another. Whats App can never access data from SAP Payment Approvals (or vice versa)
          2. Some apps allow data access from other apps if you allow this explicitly (the build in app Contacts is an example for that).
          3. With SAP Afaria you can enforce security policies on all devices that are “enrolled”. For example, enrolment may not be possible / kept if Whats App is installed. The respective iPhone will not connect the corporate net in this case. Consequently SAP Payment Approval will not connect to the ERP backend system.
          4. All data held locally in SAP Payment Approval (mainly for performance buffering) is encrypted within the app.
          5. You can protect the SAP via an app passcode (can be enforced by central IT): Even if someone finds you iPhone and it is “open”, starting SAP Payment Approvals will require to enter an app specific pass code.

          Best regards,