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Navigation stack helps you show the  Subschema or PCR’s  accessed and the first entry is the object you last accessed.Let me illustrate this with the snapshotspretty handy one,huh!


PCR X015 using TCD PE02


from X015 navigating to X016


now when we click Stack(Shift+F4) or Goto ->Stack it will show in a new pop up window X015 which was first accessed



and when click on X015 and try the same it will result in showing the Navigation Stack is empty as anticipated



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  1. omid daghdar

    Thanks and just a question. How would I use this option during running schema?

    Just for information to show me where I have came into a PCR? You know you can do it by double click on original PCR in output log and it will show you in detail which PCRs is the first then under which condition PCR goes which one and so on.

    I hope I have good explained my question.


    1. Former Member Post author

      i reckon it will show PCR ,doubt it will show schema like what we see before  try this run payroll highhight pcr and click go to ->ispaly calculation rule(ctrl+F5) and the click on Goto->stack(Shift+F4)..


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