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New Administration Feature – Locked Position of Content in a Page

Until now, content administrators could not control the final position of content in a portal page. If the page could be personalized, users could change the position of content in the page – move it up and down and between containers.

A new ability has been added to the Page editor – a new column called Locked Position.

Marking a content item as locked will prevent users from changing its position in the page during page personalization. This way the content administrator can control the final position of content in a page.


To enable this ability perform the following:
1. Go to NetWeaver Administration (http://<host>:<port>/nwa)
2. Navigate to “Application Modules”: Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Application Modules
3. Under “Module List” select the webdynpro/resources/ module
4. Under “Web Module Details” select “Web Dynpro Properties” tab

5. Select Components/
6. Under “WD Property Sheet Details”, set the value of “LockedPositionFeatureEnabled” property to “true”
7. Select Components/
8. Under “WD Property Sheet Details”, set the value of “LockedPositionFeatureEnabled” property to “true”
9. Save your changes


When end users personalize a page that contains locked content, they will not be able to uncheck the “Locked Position” checkbox. This way the position set by the administration remains as is.


Note the following:

1. The position of an object can only be locked if it is located in the top position of a container or if an object above it in the same container is marked as locked.

2. Setting an object as locked automatically sets the “Visible” and “Fixed” attributes to “true”. End users cannot change these attributes when personalizing a page that has locked content.

This feature was developed as part of the Customer Connection program. Have a feature you’d like to add to Enterprise Portal? Place it in the ideas place –

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