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Adding new entries to MDG landingpage


One requirement which I quite often hear is to add new links to the standard launchpad of SAP MDG. One example is to add a new entry for “Create Customer” in MDG-C. In this blog i would like to show how easy it is to add a new entry in that landing page.

Starting position

The out of the box landing page of MDG-C looks like the following screenshot.


As highlighted in red: Only “Search Customer” is available within the tray of “Customer Processing”. I believe it makes sometimes sense to have more links available within this section. Typically directly links like

  • Create Customer
  • Edit Customer

etc. are requested by business users to speed up the way how to work with SAP MDG User Interfaces.

At the end the landing page should look like the following screenshot:



The following steps should be executed to add the 2 links:

1. Start transaction LPD_CUT

If you have the appropriate authorization you should be able to run transaction LPD_CUST in the corresponding SAP ERP system and client.


2. Select the correct launchpad

Scroll down and select “MDG_CUS”. Make a double-click on the line:


3. Add new entries

Multiple ways exists how to add new entries. Maybe the simplest is to copy the existing “Search Customer” and modify the details. For that open the folder “Customer Processing” and select “Search Customer”. Then right mouse click and “Copy”. You will see the new entry directly below “Search Customer

“. Select the newly created entry and change the name on the left hand side:


4. Modify the details of the new entry

Now you should change some details to ensure that the appropriate action will be executed during runtime. If you want to forward the user directly to a “Create” action you must define a additional parameter “ACTION=CREATE” in the detail settings (see red highlighted party).


You can also define the behavior for the navigation mode. You might choose “EXTERNAL” for the create activity.

5. Save and test

Finally you must SAVE the new settings and test the new launchpad in the Netweaver Business Client. Dependent on your system configuration you will get a popup to select a Change Request Type.


Hope this helps

Best Regards


Some more info:

1. I used some more parameters in the details settings just like:

  • PROCESS=CLP1 (Define a specific MDG Business Activity)
  • ACTION=CHANGE (to forward the users directly to modify action)
  • FPM_START_PAGE_ID=<pageid> to skip in BP application the search screen
  • USMD_CREQ_TYPE=<CrType> to identify a unique CR Type
  • CRTYPE=<CRType> dependent on the page you are going to this param is used instead of the USMD_CREQ_TYPE

2. The setting “Configuration” can also be used to define the User Interface on the screen.

3. You can also transport the new settings within the system landscape: You the “transport” function within the LPD_CUST transaction (Top navigation->Lanuchpad->Transport)

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      Author's profile photo shankar singh
      shankar singh

      Dear Steffen,

      Good one ,just wanted to check whether the data created here is reflected on staging and Active area or do we need to change some configuration.



      Author's profile photo Steffen Ulmer
      Steffen Ulmer
      Blog Post Author


      it does not have to do anything with staging/active area. You just create a link on the launchpad to be able to speed up thing and do not have to do many clicks.

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Steffen,

      Thanks for the nice blog.

      I am trying to add a link in the manner described above and on clicking save I get a message 'Data saved successfully'. But when I come out of lpd_cust and go in again. I do find the link there but the name is changes to Application 1 (Description does not exist in language English).

      Any comments/Suggestion?

      Thanks and regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Steffen,

      Thank this is nice.  However we wanted to have a separate landing page by Role.

      Eg: Display Roles do not need create processes on lading page while Requstor does.

      Similarly stewards needs replication and not the requestor.

      Is there a simple configuration way to get this landing page by role ?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Yes, you need to create a different NWBC role for each. Then, only include relevant applications in each role.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Abdullah,

      Thanks, Since am dealing with 4 roles (Req / ste / spe / disp) - do we need to create 4 application configurations ? And those pointing towarads 4 new roles/instances in LPD_CUST ?

      How do we link the custom application confirguration assigned withing the requestor role to the launch pad in LPD_CUST ?

      Any pointer would be helpful.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      There are different ways how to do this. You can create different NWBC roles with the required applications and that could suffice.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Abdullah,

      We took the approach of creating 4 custom application configuarions - linked them to home page in respective Roles, 4 Roles and instances in LPD_CUST and linked them to custom application configurations.  I Wish sap predelivered this content 🙂


      Author's profile photo Krishna Teja Nagalla
      Krishna Teja Nagalla

      Hi MDG SCN,

      How did you add these custom created to the user Roles. Can you please explain I'm facing with the same issue.

      The Issue is we have 3 different users and and these 3 users will be logged in with different roles. When I created the custom launchpad with LPD_CUST I don't know where to add these launchpad to the roles.

      Thanks & Regards,