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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.3 – Upload data into Workspace as Transient provider

1. Launch AO 1.3 and Open the excel file containing the data to be uploaded.

2. Select the data range.

3. Click on Upload button in the DataSource ribbon.


4. Connect to the specific BW system.


5. Select a Workspace where the Transient Provider needs to be created.


6. AO automatically recognizes the column headers as Dimensions/Measures and also detects the corresponding datatypes.

7. Technical name has a default namespace @3 followed by set prefix (defined in Workspace).


8. We can modify the Technical Name, select the measures and change the datatype as we see fit.


9. We can also choose if we just need to create the transient provider or to insert it in current sheet or in a new worksheet.


10. Now a transient provider is created in BW system using a simple Excel data. We can perform all Analysis actions on this datasource, just like how we do it on any BW Query.


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  1. Former Member

    Nice blog!

    I just have a question: I can not see in my analysis version buttons “upload” “reload”. Did you do anything special to have them in you analysis toolbar?



    1. Patrik Maag

      Hi Gabriel,

      Are you using AO 1.3? If so, it probably has been disabled by your administrator via the registry key “EnableWorkspaces” in


      You can take a look at the Administrator’s Guide for more information about how to enable / disable the Workspaces and the required backend version.

      Best regards,


      1. Former Member

        Thanks Patrik,

        Do you know if settings are different with a 64 bits installation? Cannot find a AdvancedAnalysis folder under SAP in the registration key. I created it manually but buttons didn’t appear.

        I am using A0 1.3 Patch 6.



          1. Former Member


            I believe I found the issue: Analysis Office in 64 bits seems not to have these options yet. To use this scenario, you need Analysis Office 32 bits.



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