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Why did FIT choose NetWeaver Portal for the Ticket Sales Portal of IDOBUS?

This is the second blog in the series of Success Stories created by FIT Consulting by using NetWeaver Technology Platform. The first blog (Why did FIT choose NetWeaver PI for SAP e-Invoicing Solution?) one is about the NetWeaver PI.


Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri A.S.( was founded in 1987 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide alternate commuting services for Istanbulites. Before IDO city´s sea transportation service provided by State owned Turkish  Maritime  Organization Inc.

In February 2005 City Line Administration (part of Turkish Maritime Organization),  the authority for commuting ferry services in Istanbul became part of IDO  which makes the company world leader in term of passenger capacity , fleet size and ports of call serviced.

SAP Landscape

IDO is using SAP ERP, NetWeaver BW, NetWeaver Portal, NetWeaver PI as SAP landscape. NetWeaver Portal has 3 main use areas:

  • Internal Enterprise Portal (ESS&MSS, Document Management, Information,…)
  • Ticket Sales and Reservation System ( >> World’s 2nd Largest SAP Portal Implementation and subject of another blog)
  • IDOBUS Ticket Sales Portal



IDOBUS is mainly aimed to provide cheap tickets for travellers travelling from Istanbul to the Izmir around the Sea of Marmara. System sells ferrybus tickets as well as combined Bus tickets (The Name comes from it. IDO: Ferrybus, BUS: Bus > IDOBUS)

When the system go-live on 7th March 2012, the Ferrybus tickets sold with a price 1 TL (~0.42 €) for tickets from Istanbul to Bursa and 22 TL (9.25 €) from Istanbul to Izmir.

Currently over 30K tickets sold out on the system since 7th March 2012.

Please visit the IDOBUS via and have a ticket 😎

IDOBUS System Lanscape


IDOBUS Ticket Sales system uses the standart SD scenarios in ERP system for trips, temporary reservations and ticket sales operations running on Portal.

Why NetWeaver Portal?

We decided to use the latest NetWeaver Portal version for Ticket Sales Portal for the following reasons:

  1. We and customer are familiar with the NetWeaver Portal as the previous Ticket Sales and Reservation System created with this platform.
  2. Customer required to adapt the know-how of the previous system to IDOBUS system in a very short period of time (Project go-live in 3 months)
  3. We have more control on Portal System (like session management, resource management, system monitoring on NWA) with the Release 7.3
  4. We’re using the JSF framework for interface and require to run it on the latest Java release
  5. Customers SAP systems are outsourced and thus it is easy for outsource company to manage SAP solutions.
  6. Customer is satisfied with the capabilities of the NetWeaver Portal as they experienced it with previous project.

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      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann

      Impressive user number and good to see that the SAP Portal is widely used. Thanks for sharing. Can you share any more insights on the lessons learned and the implementation approach?

      I took a look at the world's 2nd largest SAP Portal implementation:

      • Switching to english breaks the navigation. For instance, the URL is not updated. And when the URL is updated, its with a lag. Clicking on routeguide and then to timetable: URL shows /web/routeguide. With the next navigation the uRL is updated to /web/timetable.
      • I only managed to access the site with FF, with IE I only get a 503 error (bad luck?)
      Author's profile photo Hüseyin Bilgen
      Hüseyin Bilgen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tobias,

      THe implementation copied from the to create IDOBUS application. On the other hand, the process is totally different, so lots of time spent during the design of IDOBUS.

      - > Passenger & Vehicle transport from point-2-point with Ferrybuses.

      - IDOBUS > Passenger transport from point-2-point with ferrybus in combination with normal Bus

      Technically all developments done with the JSF framework and Richfaces Ajax Library. Some lags are caused by this afaik.

      The good thing about the IDOBUS is currently no loyalty is planned. So it will be a public portal to anyone. We had problems with user management on due to the compatibility of JSF & AS Java and sitll have plans to migrate this 650K users to a LDAP server.

      For the 2 cases (BTW, not but is the 2nd Largest with more than 650K users, 200K daily queries and 55K SD Ticket Sales)

      • Normally, the idobus doesn't changes the URL for language. Each sub-application has its own page and you're right that the URL not changes first. I'll let the developers to know it. But it doesn'^t affects the process.
      • I'm using IE 8 and access iwth with FF and Chrome without problem. May be a temp error.