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The Top Participants widget

May 2013 update:

SCN is now enhanced with extensive game mechanics! This is fun, this is driving engagement in the community!

The Top Participants widget has been replaced by leaderboards showing the top 10 contributors over a 12-month rolling period. Points in sub-spaces do NOT roll up to the parent space.

Please read the updated Reputation Program Overview and the Frequently Asked Questions documents, as well as Chip Rodgers’ blog.


I am dedicating this blog to the Top Participants widget that can be seen on most topic spaces of SCN. Why a full blog? Because “it’s worth it” of course 😉 But not only… I want you all to see the value of the widget, be enthusiastic about it, and give it time to populate with names.

Recap: How does the Top Participants widget work?

It lists the five contributors that are most active in the topic space and its corresponding sub-space(s). The widget is updated every hour with the last 12 months points in the spaces and sub-spaces. There is also a possibility to expand the list to 10 names.

As a reminder, each space and a sub-space is a point category, as explained in this blog, and since we are all starting to accumulate points in the new categories, it will take a bit of time for the widget to populate with names.

Currently this is what you may see:

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at 2.09.11 PM.png

But as people contribute more and more content in the spaces and sub-spaces, the widget will start showing names.

This is what you will see soon:

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 9.58.58 PM.png

To learn more about the SCN Reputation Program, read the overview and check out the FAQs.

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  • Hi Laure,

    It is pleasure to get new SCN Beta, I have a query here. I am one of the 2010- 2011 topic leader.

    It has been said that we all leaders can give one of theSAP Certification exam by free. And we finally discussed that Contributors form Asia Pasific could not able to proceed this with Tobiass Hofmann. He promissed for extend the dates. After that not able to follow.

    Now the blog is not available.

    Hence please update the status of certification exam for the topic leaders for 2010 -2011.



    • Hi Jansi,

      I’m sorry to hear that this still hasn’t been solved. I just emailed my contact Richard and cc’ed you. Hopefully we will hear from him soon. He should tell us who you can contact in your local office to get some help.

      I don’t know which blog you are referring to, can you let me know the title? We should be able to find it easily.



        • Now that my email to the contact at SAP India went out, let’s hope that this will be resolved soon! I answered in the other thread. Laure

      • i have 238 point then why not show my name in  top participants    some of have only 183 then also show his name in top participants  ?

        • Hi Krupa,

          I looked at the ABAP Development space and expanded the view to 10 names, your are indeed not showing there. I would need to look at your whole point history to see where and when you contributed, but unfortunately I don’t have this ability at the moment 🙁

          To show in the widget you need to have contributed these 238 points in the ABAP Development space (it was also a point category in the “old” SCN) and in the last 12 months. Can you confirm this?


          • Thomas,

            Thanks for raising this. Actually, yes we had to start the point count from scratch because point categories are not the same and it was impossible to map old points with the new points, would have been too difficult and manual. So everyone started from 0 and that’s why I am asking everyone in this blog to have patience and let the numbers accrue.

            Hope this answers your concern.


    • Hi Pavan,

      Yes, it’s missing and as the reputation program manager I am working to introduce better leaderboards on SCN.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      • Laure,

        please make sure this time the calculation is done for the right area – in the old SCN members of the BPX forums could not easily be top contributors as BPX had only _one_ cont, not for the individual sub-sorums as in the other categories.

        Looking forward to this…


        • Hi Frank,

          I wasn’t aware of the former BPX category not including sub-categories, not sure what exactly you meant here and if you want to expand feel free to email me or continue here in this blog.

          I’m not sure what you meant with “_one_ cont”. Is this some code I am too “dumb” (or maybe just too tired today?) to understand? 😉

          • Hi Laure,

            what Pavan said 😉

            In Netweaver, each forum had their own top contributors.

            In BPX, even though there were multiple forums, there was only one overall BPX top contributor list (which irked me, being active in the GRC forum… 😉 )