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SSO from the Enterprise Portal to SAP-Sourcing

h2. *Requirements.* *SAP-Sourcing 5.1.06 or higher

*Trust certificates from Authenticated system to NW AS *User IDs maintained in:                                    SAP-Sourcing                                    NetWeaver Application Server UME for EP and Sourcing                                    or the SSO provider/authenticator image
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  • Hello Paul,
    Thanks for a neat description of the process. We recently established SSO for the CLM system from our EP. I think the steps have changed after some SP level (SP6 maybe) because we were failing after following the steps in the installation guide.

    However, I am still unable to configure the logout page. I want the users to be redirected to the portal login page on clicking logout in CLM. This is not working despite maintaining the Portal URL in the properties.

    Am I missing something here?

    • The ext_logout page is the URL users are redirected to after logout.

      It may not be working as the cookie maintained by the SAPLogonticket is still chaced in the browser session and is causing another login attempt.

      It may well be a portal setting that needs changing.

      • Thanks for your quick response Paul!

        Does it mean we would have to make the Microsoft AD inactive and activate the new directory ( or similar) and make that default?
        I also assume I should set this directory (dir/ in the User profile 'Account management' tab?

        Thanks again for your help on this.