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Innovation Weekend Demos- and the Winners!

So exciting! Watching the demos for Innovation Weekend in Las Vegas. So inspiring to see all these teams working so hard with so much passion and enthusiasm.

First up is National-regional coordination – How to work with an organization that has both national goals and regional implementation. Designing a solution for managing ASUG org using four ondemand solutions that set national goals and push to regional level – tracking metrics and aggregating to

Wanted to track metrics in the Streamwork forum and pull back numbers via Streamwork API and get numbers back from a poll to see results in Omega and create a service based on poll results.

BI OnDemand, River, Streamwork and Xcelsius with data services live and posting to Omega

After some serious issues connecting to the network, we are finally starting to see the results!

Cool! Dashboard going out to data from BI OnDemand. The data came from Streamwork and data pulled from the API.  Tried to get River talking to Omega and create a new service. Cool idea – automatically create service offerings from the Streamwork discussions.

All right! Next up is Measuring and Managing Performance. This group used Potluck Cafe as a model.  Goo d summary of the business problems – inefficient reporting, lack of strategy building, improper data consolidation. Started with creating reporting and standardizing KPIs. Took a look at the architecture and brought multi-data sources together through XI and MDM through BI Ondemand . Cool dashboard showing the key KPIs in a PDF report that goes out to directors. Also some “what-if” analysis by increasing spending on training for supervisors and improving employee satisfaction. And show the dashboard on an iPad. And another version for iPhone!!

Next is Optimizing Fundraising Processes. Wanted to get more insight into data from the non-profit. Modelled the process with Gravity in Streamwork. Looking to optimize the process for receiving donations. Concentrated on “high deals”, the ones that need manual processing.  Very cool – emulated Raiser’s Edge to emulate in River but building a small donation management app AND build a mobile app connected back to dataset. Data from the systems run into BI OnDemand for analytics and finally an iPad option for remote analysis

Built the app quickly in River – on the web and the iPad. Allows you to create campaigns, assign volunteers, contact donors and have donors make pledges and track. And created a mobile platform to collect donations and pledges. Want to be in the field in personal contact with high-donors and accept payments feeding data back to River.  Then look at the data in BI OnDemand and look at the performance by campaign and donors in the pipeline.  And then look at more detailed data in an iPad app through Explorer. Very cool!!

Next we have Financial management up to present. Working with a non-profit with lots of different data sources. Challenge – how do we make the data more consistent and easier to understand.  Even with a small team, using Streamwork was helpful for organizing and collaborating . Looked at data extraction, improving financials and visualization and enabling distribution. Used Gravity/BPM for modeling in Streamwork and also Code Exchange to share code. Uh oh, talking a lot! The audience wants to see a demo!

Interesting looks through the data with BI On demand exploring costs per volunteer, costs by program. Also an interesting benchmark comparison

Now Social Media Integration!!  Interested to see what these guys came up with.  Doh!! Technical difficulties

Plugins is next!  Wow, a Kindergarten parent volunteer tracker – cool! Needing to managing volunteer hours by parents over the web in a cloud-based environment and also provide reports at the end. The front end app was in River. Actually two applications. First for master data, student names, etc. and the activities that parents sign up for. And the analytics.  Then took the data and pushed to BIOD for analysis. Also a nice, minimal interface for the workers at the school and the people doing the volunteering. Designed to be a simple HTML interface usable on all mobile devices.  A team of lazy programmers “achieving new levels of mediocrity”!! And begging to not to win!!

OK hopefully now back to Social Media!  The scenario is that nfps are good at outbound marketing, but with social media, you need to pull, engage people in a conversation.  Idea to connect with, and leverage, big names to support the organization to push out the message. Modelled the business process in Gravity and exported to BPM to run the process. First step is creating the campaign with approval steps by mobile devices. Code sample to push out an update to Facebook simulating what would have come from BPM.  And setup a competition. And got Lady SAP SAP to support through their network.  And then visualizing the results in Xcelsius to look at results by campaign and by org. Then with BPM another update to Facebook. And including the results – where you are by org in the industry and putting the actual metrics into the challenge. With BPM the ability to push messages based on events.

And last but not least, Reinventing SCN from the inside, looking at how to get the points and registration data out of SCN via RSS and aggregated the data points somehow.  The push to BI OnDemand for exploration

All right, now the voting starts! 60% from the panel of 5 judges, the rest from the community members.

And the winners are……

3rd Place for the Kindergarten team

2nd Place for Social Media Integration

And in number 1 ….. Optimizing Fundraising Processes!! Great choice and a solution that will be able to help many, many organizations.

What a great, exhausting weekend! Time to go home.

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