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Optimize the Use of SAP BW Reports

Over past few years i have noticed that a lot of firms have implemented SAP and SAP BW. But the use of BW reports only is limited to a certain Key or Super users and to a limited number of reports.

The vast array of work which BW can be used for is highly exploited and most of the time the data which is being used is around 2LIS_11, 12, 13 and 02 extractors. My experience of working with Business Community shows that its more importnat to exploit what is available. Most of the people in Businesses are looking for reports out of SAP R/3 which gives an advantage of realtime data but with that are coming with not to user friendly GUI. Whereas the same thing might be available in BW in a better fashion ans ease of use but the knowledge of the reports existing is far limited to Super Users.

I think that Businesses should criticaly examine probably via workshops or regular meetings of the kind of data which is used at an operational level and Business Warehouse is very much strong in facilitating with that kind of data to the users.

It is easy to use and can provide a vast array of Business Functions which can be exploited by users for their reporting requirements. I think that its time that organziations take a look back and see what they have already deployed. See what are the kind of reports available for their use and how can the Operational people / managers in business can utilize those reports to help them attain a better productivity in Business.

Super users , IT leads , Head IT people,  Business Managers and BPAs can be really helpful in imparting that knowledge and letting businesses know what kind of varied range of analysis they can do with the existing setup.

 I can foresee that there is a huge lot of information which is available but its not put to good use by Business at times and its lying there.

 Its time to go ahead and use that kind of Information to seek better value of the deployed solutions.

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  • Also my opinion is duplicating data to any other database or table is not meaningfull. When i remember 2lis* structures i am smiling. Because there is not an exact and true answer why transferring data? Don't say speed to me or process things. SAP must really have better reporting mechanism that connected to ECC.
  • ...and wait for more details coming about SAP High-performance Analytics Appliance (SAP HANA) around TechEd aimed to resolve of the issues you discussed here.
    • It looks very promising as SAP HANA talks about Hardware and software solution capturing benefits of 'In-memory' computing which is the next wave of technology innovation.

      Yogesh Patil

  • Hi Dennis,

    Well i agree to your point, but the scene at most companies implementing SAP BW is that they are still unaware of the huge potential that BW carries. Market is flooded with so many tools and utilities that are used further for analysis based on data from BW. Even in SAP itself - the new area of BO has so much publisized that it is now overshadowing the BI Potential. I've never been a much of front-end guy but over a period of last few years i've seen more and more fascination of clients/customer towards using these new front end tools such as BO, xcelcius and so on than trying to utlize the best of available resource from BW itself.

    This is my personal view... what do you say ?

    • Hey Rajesh,
      Thanks for your response.

      I completely agree and here is what i say what is failing in the IT Strategy of the companies.

      They are venturing into new tools and giving more to users than they can digest. This might not be a good long term strategy.

      I personally think that the way we should proceed is

      1. To let users know what all is available
      2. Check what all Business Function they are executing and what can be brought into the reporting Area.
      3. Probably R/3 and BI Teams can collaborate to decide that users are using these reports and are they available in BI ?
      4.Probably like hiring few Marketing people in IT Department, just a random thought. But a report fact sheet needs to be an yearly activity which takes the stock of the situation.

      This is how the businesses will grow and the confidence on IT will steeply rise.

      Do let me know your thoughts.


  • I think Business Content is also a possible way which we can use to explore furthur on this.

    Just a thought which can while thinking how can be improve.