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Discovering the hidden tables of SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation, version for Netweaver

Within SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation, version for Netweaver (from herein called “BPC”) there are several control tables that are automatically generated when certain options are activated.  For example, activating BPC comment capability requires the BPC system to generate tables to store the user submitted comments.   These “hidden” tables are located in the 1CPMB name space.  The technical id of these tables always incorporate the two character application set designation.

A delivered program, UJ0_GET_GEN_TABNAME , allows you to locate the technical names of all generated tables.  To access this program, log into the BW Netweaver enviroment supporting the BPC application and execute t-code SE38 “ABAP Editor”.  Enter the program name “UJ0_GET_GEN_TABNAME”:


The program will request a selection for the Appset and Application:


After entering the Appset and application names, the system response is to provide a report with all generated tables associated with the specific selection:


 You may copy the table technical names and access the table contents via t-code SE16:


Execute the transaction and a selection screen is presented to allow you to limit the selection to specific records:


Executing from the selection screen provides a listing of all relevant table entries:


You can drill into each table entry (by double clicking the desired row) to view the specific record (this includes information on the user who entered the comment, the date the comment was created, the dimension context associated with the comment, and the comment text itself.


Note that for comments, the actual comment text is stored in the “SCOMMENT” field.

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  • I am not sure when the UJ0_GET_GEN_TABNAME program initially became available; however a colleague has informed me that this program does not exist in a 70 SP08 version of BPC NW.  I can confirm that this program has been available at least from version 75 SP03.
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