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PI/XI: Transporting alerts – quick tip

This article shows a proper and not manual way of transporting alerts for SAP Process Integration
scenarios as from posts on PI forum it seems that it was no clear how we can do that.

When we create alerts for SAP Process Integration purposes we can do it in two stacks:

– we create alert category in ABAP stack (transaction ALRTCATDEF) – but we can also create it in RWB

– we create alert rules (which define exactly to which events our alert will react) in RWB (so no java stack)
and there is no way to create alert rules on the ABAP stack (as compared to the alert categories)

Once we have everything configured we need to transport this configuration to the next environment
and we can do it in two ways:

– for alert categories we use ABAP transports:

a) we can assign the transport directly from the ALRTCATDEF transation from the menu:

– for alert rules we have two ways to do that:

a) we can manually recreate the alert rules on every environment

b) we can also use ABAP transports to transport them

In order to use ABAP transports for alert rules we need to start report SXMSALERT_CONFIGTRANS

Next step we need to select the transport which we want to transport

And the final step is confirmation that the alert rules were correctly assigned to the transport:

This way is nothing very sophisticated but I hope that those of you
who didn’t know how it works can learn a simple new way of transporting alerts.

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