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How to display a dynamically generated business chart from IGS in WebDynpro for ABAP application and Adobe Interactive Form?

ABAP /OO development knowledge
WebDynpro for ABAP development knowledge
Adobe Lifecycle Design knowledge

Important Notices:

The BusinessGraphics UI element has been extended to include a new bindable property called imageData within  Netweaver 7.02/7.20 version, so you do not need the some steps below. This new attribute imageData allows you to receive an XSTRING with the image data that is rendered by the IGS. This avoids the extra steps that you detail for getting direct access to the rendered IGS chart and makes it simple to integrate the IGS content into downloads and/or Adobe Forms.


Within WebDynpro development workbench, a Business Graphic UI element is already provided to access the IGS (Internet Graphic Service) server indirectly (via Background calling model), and then user can put data into this object via context node binding, and execute this application with correct business data, and then Business Graphic Element would displayed a business chart in Column Chart or Line Chart.In most WebDynpro for ABAP application, this UI Element is very useful for business chart presentation in WebDynpro application.

You would found some obvious flaws in some special cases using this standard UI element, the following problem are real cases:
A) Customer wants to download this business chart, but it seems very very difficult for a Business Graphic element, how did you allowed a end user to download this picture which is generated via standard UI element ‘Business Graphic’ ?
B) Customer wants to put these business charts into a PDF Interactive form, how did you extract this business chart from Business Graphic element, and convert it to a real picture file?

Solution Overview

In some special cases, you can call the IGS API classes directly to generates a business chart but not using WebDynpro Business Graphic UI element, there business chart are generated automatically by background, more fast and efficient, and then you can convert these picture to XString type and storing them in ICM cache with a limit time, usually 20~30 minutes same with Web Application Session Lifecycle, and return a unique URL address to identify each picture, then you can link the URL of this business chart to a Image UI element in WebDynpro development workbench, if you want to delete these picture manually, a static method of class IF_HTTP_SERVER can be used to do it.

Figure 1

Create an ABAP Class, it is used to generate a business chart according to importing parameter, and return a unique URL, this URL is a combination of WebDynpro Application and path of picture is being stored.

In a WebDynpro program, create a new Image UI element, and link this ‘Source’ attribute to this generated URL, once business chart is generate in our ABAP Class, and Image UI element would display a picture according to the URL returned by this class. 

Step – 1, a very important example package 


Figure 2

GRAPHICS_IGS_ADMIN: Administration view of IGS running time.
GRAPHICS_IGS_CE_TEST: an example of generate a business chart (Column Type).
GRAPHICS_IGS_GUI_CE_DEMO: you can use this program to define you own description file of a business chart. (Type of business chart, Color, Dimension, Font Size, Picture Size and so on), this is a very good example to tell you how to build up a data structure for generating a business chart, please go through this program and thinking the following point before you start development:

  • How many picture I want to generate once user click button in my WebDynpro application?
  • How does program can identify each picture via a unique ID?
  • What kind of business chart program would generate?
  • How those generated business chart looks like? Color, Size, Series and X-AXIS, Y-AXIS

Figure 3

Once you execute example program GRAPHICS_IGS_CE_TEST, you would see a business chart, this business chart is generated by IGS via API calling directly, you can get a returned picture file, and picture is stored with this table w3mimetabtype.  image

Figure 4

Step – 2, Convert mimetab picture to a xstring PICTURE

In previous example, you can get a business chart file, even it is a w3mimetabtype type, picture just is stored in this data type, so you have to convert it to a XString if you want to display this picture in WebDynpro application side, using the following step for conversion of picture file type and storage type. 


Figure 5

  • Define a local class instance L_IGS_IMGCONV with class type cl_igs_image_converter.
  • Call method SETIMAGE (L_IMAGE_MIME is a w3mimetabtype type picture file you have to convert.)
  • CALL methods EXECUTE to convert this business chart to target file type.
  • Call method GET_IMAGE to get converted picture file.
  • Call function module ‘SCMS_BINARY_TO_XSTRING’, then you can get a picture file with XSTRING type (L_BMP_XSTREAM).
Step – 3, Generating a URL address for generated business chartNow

you have generate a business chart with JPG file type, also it’s a XString type object, you can just put it in your WebDynpro with a URL Link UI element, once user click this link, then Internet Explorer would prompt a popup window to tell you open or just save this file to your local computer.Our solution is that displaying a business chart in an image UI element, and this picture also can be embedded into an Adobe Interactive Form


Figure 6

  • Define a instance L_CACHED_RESPONE with class type IF_HTTP_RESPONSE
  • Put picture file (XString Type) into this HTTP Response via calling method SET_DATA.
  • Set header datal  Set statusl  Set a expire seconds, current IV_CACHE_TIMEOUT is 1800 seconds(30 Minutes)
  • Generate a unique ID for your generated picture.l  Get WebDynpro application address 


 Figure 7

  • Put this picture into Http response cache via calling method SERVER_CACHE_UPLOAD.
  • Return the URL (http://XXXXX:port/SAP/PUB/…./XXXX.JPG), You can check the generated picture via transaction code SMICM.


Figure 8

How to download this picture?

You can use SAP standard utility class CL_WD_RUNTIME_SERVICES to extract XString content, and then post it to the front-end internet browser, even you can use SAP standard function module to compress those pictures into one ZIP file.


Figure 9

How to embed this picture into an Adobe Interactive Form?

In some WebDynpro applications, customer wants to download the PDF report with business chart, you can use Adobe Interactive Form UI element in a view, or you can create PDF form template and interface (ABAP Dictionary Type), and then generate a XString PDF file via call function module model.


Figure 10

This picture is an example to show business chart is embedded into a PDF form

Solution for embeding a picture to a interactive form

Create a Graphic element within Form Object(Not in Form Interface!!!)


Figure 11


Figure 12

Set Graphic Type to ‘Graphic Reference’


Figure 13

  • Graphic Reference, you can pass a URL address of generated business chart (http://xxxx.jpg/) to this element, and then this business chart would be displayed.
  • Graphic Content, you have to pass a generated business chart with type XString to this element.Obviously, we choose first solution, because we have already put those generated business charts to ICM Cache, and also we have got a URL address of these business charts.


Figure 14

In this step, PIC_A1A2 is a string type variable, the URL address of generate business chart is stored in this variable, so we can transfer the value to this graphic element via drag-and-drop PIC_A1A2 to input line.

The following attribute should be set for Image Field in PDF Form Designer:

  • Embeded this picture, this checkbox should be set, otherwise when you try to save this PDF document to local computer, these buiness chart would be lost, because these pictures are not
    embeded into this PDF document.
  • Visibility, Set Original Picture Size.

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      Author's profile photo Yaping Gao
      Yaping Gao
      Good job.
      Never know you have so much knowledge about IGS.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      It really is Nice blog but I am having difficulties seeing all the images of the blog and really have no idea why. Have tried it on atleast ten different machines from different locations. Can you pls. share the images with me through some alternate way. May be mail me the same as an attachment on my email id /

      Awaiting for the same. Good job keep it up!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      If you could not see the images in this article, please mail me(
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Alex,

      Thanx for your email.
      I have sucessfully transfered the graph to the PDF using the content option in PDF. I have used the method

      call method l_igs_ce->get_image
              image      = l_image_mime
              image_size = l_image_size
              image_type = l_image_type.

      and converted the L_image_mime to Xstring using function module 'SCMS_BINARY_TO_XSTRING'.

      Now my problem is that I cannot refresh the graph image when i changei t through customising at runtime. For example when i change the Chart type from 'Columns' to 'Lines' still I get the chart of Columns type in pdf. Do not know how to refersh the
      "l_ixml_data_doc" and "l_ixml_custom_doc"


      I have tried different possible ways and methods available in classes cl_gui_chart_engine & cl_gui_chart_engine_win. Not sure how to get the new chart image XSTRING value, to transfer to PDF and get a different chart in PDF.

      Please suggest and help.
      Many thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      There are several rules for IGS API or IGS Business Grahpic UI control in WebDynpro development environment:

      1) Everytime, you changed some setting of this chart like(Color, Size, Font, Chart Style), it means you have to generate a new image from IGS engine.
      2) You also have to create a new ixml_custom_doc, it it a describle file how this image looks like, size, line or column, IGS engine will generated a
      picture according to those attributes fo this file.

      In you case, you have to create a new XML_DOC, and change style from "Columns" to "Lines".
      l_element = ev_ixml_doc->create_simple_element(
      name = 'ChartType' parent = l_default ).
      l_element->if_ixml_node~set_value( 'Lines' ).

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Alex,

      Thanks a lot for all yuor help. You really are the expert in here on IGS. Good job buddy. Keep the good work up.


      Author's profile photo Robin Thakral
      Robin Thakral


      I have created a Business Graph and Print button next to it in Web Dynpro, but i could not understand how to proceed further to get the image/mime details. I have tried created MIME ojbect and various blogs as well but could not find the exact step by step procedure.
      the logic shared above are for the experts as well, not for beginners or advancing developers.

      So, a little help here will be appreciated!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      How are you trigger a event to refresh image (ie color,chart type etc )using cl_gui_chart_engine, cl_gui_chart_engine_win when downloading image to pdf using adobe form.

      Please assit.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Every picture consists of two part
      1) Real Chart Data
      2) Picture description File - Color,Column/Line..

      This engine is used with WebDynpro for ABAP application, user can choose which kind of business chart he want, then pass this parameters to back-end and with real data.

      you can get these parameters and chart data(all cosumption data from Mondy ~ Friday).

      Program will generate a new picture according to user input..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thank you for your quick reply.
      I am using GRAPHICS_GUI_CE_DEMO, I have to download the chart image to pdf. I aready done it through following codes.
      However I am unable to refresh the graph into pdf.
      How to trigger event from user input in sap classic program zGRAPHICS_GUI_CE_DEMO to regenerate l_ixml_data_doc, and l_ixml_custom_doc.
      Please help.

      create object l_igs_ce
      destination = 'IGS_RFC_DEST'.

      call method l_igs_ce->set_data
      data_doc = l_ixml_data_doc.
      call method l_igs_ce->set_customizing
      custom_doc = l_ixml_custom_doc.

      call method l_igs_ce->execute
      others = 1.


      call method l_igs_ce->get_image
      image = l_image_mime
      image_size = l_image_size
      image_type = l_image_type.
      call function 'SCMS_BINARY_TO_XSTRING'
      input_length = l_image_size
      * FIRST_LINE = 0
      * LAST_LINE = 0
      buffer = l_bmp_xstream
      binary_tab = l_image_mime
      failed = 1
      others = 2
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
      message 'FAILED' type 'E'.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      You could not trigger a event from this pogram, it just a demo to show how to generate a picture..

      You have to create your own function module / Class to generate a picture file but now from a program..

      Author's profile photo Kenneth Moore
      Kenneth Moore
      Could this also work with Smartforms?