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Usage of GR Message in SAP ERP

Re: How to send mail to vendor mail id from Tcode MIGO when GR is created Recently I got some requests from my local SAP users and SCN memebers in the forum, they want to let SAP system automatically send out an email with simple content after GR completed, just informs the suppliers what part and how many quantity were received on time, in order that suppliers could generate the correct invoices with actual GR Qty base on the email. Here I have a usage of GR message in SAP R/3 system as follows:

  1. Define the mail title and text
    With transaction code NACE, select ME–Inventory Management to define the output type MLGR–GR message as following screen snapshot,

    Mail title and text

    Choose the language which you use to send out email, click the “Text” button to input mail title and simple text as follows:
    Codes in GR Message
    P.S. As to the fields and symbols in the text, you can refer to the following explanation:
    $SGF$ — Dear Ms.
    $SGH$ — Dear Mr.
    $EKKO-ERNAM$ — Name of Person who Created the purchasing document
    $MSEG-EBELN$ — Purchase order number
    $MSEG-EBELP$ — Item Number of Purchasing Document
    $MSEG-ERFMG$ — Quantity received
    $MSEG-LIFNR$ — Vendor number
    $AM07M-NAME1$ — Vendor name
    $MKPF-BLDAT$ — Document date
    $MFG$ — Kind regards
    $MKPF-USNAM$ — GR User name
    BTW, you can find more symbols in the table TTDTG and freely change the content of text as you request!

  2. Maintain the condition record of output type MLGR
    With transaction code NACR to maintain the condition record of output type MLGR accordingly as follows:

    Condition Record

    In the field of “Language” input the language key which you often want to send out the email to suppliers.
    If your SAPconnect customizing works correctly, after GR the supplier will receive an email as follows:

    Received GR Message

This way is running in my SAP R/3 system correctly, hope can help you!

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  • Hi Ariel:

    For the example in my blog, yes, the email is sent out to our buyers. As long as you maintain the vendor’s mailbox in the vendor master data, and revise the GR message code as I mentioned, then the GR message will be sent to the vendor! That’s it!

    Thanks for your comment!
    Good day

    • Hi Rajeev:

      I haven’t the case to buyer yet, but from my point of view, if you want to do, you should create a new dondition table for the case! Good luck.


  • Hi, Your blog helps a lot to set up the output type MLGR.
    Do you know what partner function do I need to enter in the condition record if I want to send email notification to the user who created the purchase requesition.


  • Hi Tao,
    What does your processing routine look like for the MLGR ouput type? The same for you partner function.

    I am curiuos if you had to implment any notes for this to work.