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“SAP Event Management is an application that supports control processes for managing events within and between companies. It consists of a set of integrated software functionality that supports five business processes: monitor, notify, simulate, control and measure supply chain activities.” AMR Research, January 2000

SAP EM was released for general availability in June 2004

SAP EM allows companies to:

  • Manage by exception
    • Process
    • Assets / Inventories
    • Partners
  • Recognize and react to unplanned events
  • Provide a single point of reference for collaborative processes
  • Measure performance against the norm or set targets
    • Partners
    • Process

SAP EM Highlights:

  • Provides visibility on statuses, location, partners across processes
  • Manages sequence of expected events or milestones
  • Allows you the ability to “Manage by Exception” by handling unexpected events
  • Ensures events are measured against when they are expected to occur
  • Ensures that quantitative data is within the defined values
  • React to expected events that are not reported
  • Tight BW integration for reporting

 In the SAP Event Management – What is it and what can it do for you? Part 2 / 2 we’ll discuss terminology and what needs to be addressed at implementation. Also seemy blog on Implementation considerations when configuring SAP Event Management

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Kevin.

    I have some questions about EM Fuctionality.

    Now in my current project, the customer needs than EM “throw” actions in the Apllication System since certain events are out of the parameter values (ACTIONS such as PO cancellation, not-approval to continue the process, etc).

    Is it possible that EM works in this sense?

    I’ll appreciate your help!!!


    1. Kevin Wilson Post author
      EM can be used to drive the process in the application system if need be. I had a client where I used an expected event to determine when a delivery needed to be created in order for the delivery to ship out that day. If a delivery was not created at that time, then SAP EM’s overdue monitor picked up this fact and I wrote an RFC back in to ECC to reschedule the order automatically.

      Generally SAP EM is used to monitor the exceptions of a process, whether they be time or measurement based. If there’s an exception then call a workflow to start some work to correct it or fire off an alert to someone for visibility or call an RFC like I mentioned above.

      SAP EM is an incredibly powerful tool and it really just depends for what you want to use it for as to whether it’s applicable to the situation or not.

      shoot me an email if you need more detail.
      kevin at

      1. Former Member
        Hi Kelvin,

        I am new to EM.

        What you have descibed is an end to end scenario from a SO being created and it get shipped out.

        Can i for E.g add in additional BPs which needs to be monitored thru EM i.e for e.g TOs(Transfer Orders) which are created … Can I add event handlers to see how long does this particular event take to execute?



  2. Former Member
    Hi Kevin,

    In my current project, I need than different events will be confirmed through a Portal in order to give access to the different carriers than are involved during purchasing processes.

    My question is if you have had experience working with EM and that all events had been confirmed through a Portal.

    Best regards!



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