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Workflow Certification (Informal Survey Results)

The Workflow Academy and Certification used to be offered by SAP, probably until about 2005.  While there are many newer technologies, the number of companies seeking to maximize their investment in SAP, and minimize time-consuming manual processes continue to grow, and one of the first steps to do this for many customers is the implementation of SAP Workflow.

As the ASUG Workflow and Business Process Management Program Chair, I was curious to see how many people had even heard of the certification or taken it.  And if there was ample interest in it, to post the results for all to see.

I signed up for a trial membership at Surveymonkey.  My basic membership doesn’t allow for snazzy downloads of analytics, but I very quickly designed a 5-question survey, and posted the link to SAP-WUG, and then to SDN.

The results?  Well, in my mind, the results indicate that between 76 and 90 percent of respondents would be interested in taking a certification for Workflow.  (there were two separate surveys, as trial membership only allows 100 responses per survey).

So, I can’t say what would happen from here.  In my mind, a certification course that includes some newer technologies (UWL, Portals, GP) would be nice.  

The results are posted at my Wikispace, since I am still a n00b at this blogging stuff, and can’t get the results here directly in a format that is reasonably pleasing.


Thanks for reading! Share some feedback! 

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  • Just wanted to mention that you can easily create a wiki page (either as a child of your own wikispace profile page or as a childpage of the BPX workflow contents.
    I just experimented in the sandbox and cut and paste your content into a WikiSandbox page and it worked really easily. Here’s a sample page to create a new link with your survey.

    I’ll also forward a link to this to education, but it would be great as you said to have others respond here as well.

  • Hi Sue,

    Yes I do agree with you ” certification with new technologies” would really add value to your work.

    I have been working for around 3 years from now, but i feel a certification in workflow would really boost my profile.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    Tough one.  I undertook certification for workflow around 2000 or so.  The difficulty was that at that time the amount of successful workflow consultants was small and thus I noticed no advantage as there were only a handful of people sharing most of the work in Australia.  In those circumstances the cost of certification did not appear justified.
    Today however, I feel that there is a greater amount of interest in using workflow, and using workflow for far greater scope of processes than in the past.
    As those developing workflows therefore increases, I see a real need for intelligent certification for Workflow.  So long as the certification actually reflects the ability of the practitioner.

    Gareth Ellem

  • I’ve been working as a workflow consultant for 4 years so i think i am a very experienced consultant, i took the WF academy and i think that having a certification would be great
    • Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for the feedback!  Stay tuned, because I think there will be good news on this front sometime in the not-too-distant future.