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1/4k … a small step for mankind, but huge leap for me.

after a long time of posting, blogging and wikiing I am there – right at the start.
I just received a large envelope from  “somewhere abbroad”, which is not everyday business for me.

Even bigger was my surprise when I opened it, and took a look at the contents.
It was a T-Shirt, from the SDN, from the community telling I am a 1/4k Contributor!

Even though a T-Shirt  is not a big thing, it means a lot to me, that I have achieved this besides job, wife and family. 

I guess it will be a long time ’til my next T (500, or even 1k ?) so I will honor this one,
to my best knowledge. 


Thanks a lot,



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  • Hello Juergen,
    that is really interesting – i thought that SAP wouldn’t deliver these t-shirts anymore.

    Have fun with your shirt.

    I got a community badge :-)))


    • Stefan,

      Check the date on the photo – I guess this blog was a long time in the writing & approval process…  🙂

      – Darren

        • Actually Juergen you’re a lot closer than you think to the next milestone…

          A really fitting blog since you are probably one of the last contributors to receive the orange shirt, since the process changed (ready this blog for more Food for Points).  However it means that you are close to reaching the milestone of 250 points within 2008 and that will award you with a community badge!  I hope you enjoy receiving it as much!


  • Hi Juergen,

    I too was thrilled when I got my 1/4K SDN T-Shirt. And the bright orange colour is so handy if I ever get lost in the bush and have to signal a search aircraft. 🙂

    To really set it off, I make sure I complete the outfit with my SDN ÜBERGEEK cap that Mark Finnern gave me in Melbourne last year.

    SDN Fashion – the next wave!