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Creating a Portal navigation viewer with SAP NetWeaver and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) – Part II


Part I – Introduction and motivation, presentation of the application
Part II – Creation of the J2EE project in SAP NetWeaver, adding GWT to the project
Part III – Creation of an EAR, deployment, creating a Portal IView
Part IV – Adding backend functionality, getting the current portal user
Part V – Adding AJAX user search 


In the second part of this tutorial I want to show you how the GWT user interface for our PCD-Browser application can be created in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS).

Creation of the J2EE project in SAP NetWeaver

How a GWT framework can be created in NWDS is shown in great detail in Sergey Zavarzins article “Using  Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for Developing  AJAX-Based  Web Applications for the  SAP NetWeaver J2EE Framework“. Therefore I’ll only provide a short step-by-step guide here.

Create a new J2EE WebModule Project

Create a new project in NWDS by choosing File->New->Project… -> J2EE->Web Module Project. Name the project GWTPcdBrowser:

Name the newly created J2EE Web Module Project

Add GWT capabilities to your Web Module Project 

Next you’ll need to download and install the GWT SDK, I installed it into C:GWT.  When you’ve done that, you can GWTify your Web Module project:

  1. open a CMD shell
  2. cd to the directory where your Web Module Project lies
  3. Call the GWT application creator:
    • c:gwtapplicationCreator.cmd -eclipse GWTPcdBrowser de.bds.portal.pcdbrowser.client.PcdBrowser

create gwt project
Next you need to add the GWT libraries to your project as this is not done by applicationCreator:

  1. Refresh your GWTPcdBrowser project so that NWDS knows about the new files and directories created by GWT:
    Refresh the GWT project
  2. In your project: create a new folder GWTPcdBrowser/WEB-INF/lib
    Create lib folder
  3. copy c:gwtgwt-servlet.jar into this newly created folder
    copy gwt-servlet.jar
  4. change the projects source folder from “source” to “src”
    change source folder
  5. add gwt-servlet.jar to the java build path libraries
    add gwt-servlet.jar
  6. Download and copy gwt-incubator-10-25-07.jar into WEB-INF/lib and also add it to your build paths libraries. We need gwt-incubator because the main gwt distribution doesn’t offer a progress bar yet.
    add gwt-incubator to your build path

Now your project should compile in SAP NetWeaver without warnings and errors.

GWTs applicationCreater kindly created two startup scripts for further work with your application:

  • PCDBrowser-compile.cmd
    we’ll be using this script to let GWT generate JavaScript-Code out of our Java code.
  • PCDBrowser-shell.cmd
    As long as we don’t use NetWeavers backend infrastructure, we can preview our application by calling this script.

We need to include minor modifications into these scripts in order to make them work properly. You have to replace the output path for html and javascript code generated by GWT from “www” to “webContent”. Do the change marked in red in both .cmd-files:
change output path

Additionally, you have to include the gwt-incubator.jar into the classpath of the GWT compiler. Do the following change also in both .cmd-Files:add gwt-incubator to cmd-scripts classpath

Include our own code into the Web Module Project 

After that, we can begin writing our own code and test the GWT ui by calling PCDBrowser-shell.cmd. As we can’t deploy our application to our portal server yet (This is something I’ll show to you in a later blog post), we don’t need to call PCDBrowser-compile.cmd yet.

It’d be rather tedious to describe each and every single line you have to code, therefore I’ve prepared a list of files you have to add or replace in your project to get the GWT ui working:



Add to the client-directory:

You can now try to start PCDBrowser-shell.cmd and after a few seconds should be presented with the main UI of our application:
Main UI of the PCDBrowser application

01/2008, Tobias Braun, Burda Digital Systems GmbH, Offenburg, Germany
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  • hi!

    i’m having trouble in compiling the project a receive a lot of “unsupported classes” during the compilation…

    can you tell me which GWT version did you use? i tried with the new 1.7 and with 1.3.3..

    • hi, it worked now with GWT 1.7… the version problem was with the incubator.. i’m using now the same as you…

      but i have this problem when i execute the Pcdbrowser-shell.cmd:

      [TRACE] The development shell servlet received a request for ‘de.bds.portal.pcdbrowser.PcdBrowser.nocache.js’ in module ‘de.bds.portal.pcdbrowser.PcdBrowser’
      [WARN] Resource not found: de.bds.portal.pcdbrowser.PcdBrowser.nocache.js

      what’s wrong? is it missing some file?? i did all the steps of the blog