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The IndustrySpeak Program

The IndustrySpeak Program

The goal of the IndustrySpeak program is to help and enable companies to communicate with their business partners electronically in a seamless and straight-through process. The technical tool used to develop this interoperability capability is SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI). When you hear IndustrySpeak, think Industry knowledge and Industry data content. Asides from the knowledge of the XI tool and interoperability function, IndustrySpeak also has the knowledge of Industry communication standards and the functional facilitation of data exchange. This is the value that the IndustrySpeak program offers to our partners and customers.

Companies today need greater business flexibility to remain competitive, and interoperability based on industry standards is key to achieve the flexibility needed in the business to business (B2B) environment. IndustrySpeak offers and delivers industry standard processes as business packages to customers. Another objective of the program is to assist and support SAP partners (also known as Independent Solution Vendors or ISV) to build mappings and business packages on XI for Industry B2B transactions. The idea is to offer customers pre-build business packages build by SAP or a partner, so that the customers do not need to build them themselves.

In the effort of enabling the partners to build business packages for industries, the IndustrySpeak Partner Program was introduced in 2005. We have signed up more than 125 partner companies to develop business packages on XI. We have extended the Powered by SAP NetWeaver initiative to our partner community.

With that said, the focus of the IndustrySpeak program is on building new business packages and partner enablement. Our tasks are to understand the business focus (business scenario) and the industry standards focus of our partners, to coach and supervise partners towards certification process to provide a certified solution, and to start the process of go to market with partners. We do this by leading the innovation in building new Industry content business packages, providing workshops for partners to build adapter and XI content business packages, and making available the certification channel for SAP Interoperability Certification Based on Industry Standards (NW-XI-CNT-IS).

In the near future, we will publish a series of blogs in SDN with the focus on the best practices to build IndustrySpeak mappings and business packages on XI. You will also be able to ask technical and business questions and be involved in discussions about IndustrySpeak in the /community [original link is broken]

For more detail information about what is IndustrySpeak, the program’s history and background, please see the weblog in SDN on What is IndustrySpeak?

For more detail information about XI Content certification based on industry standards, please see SAP Certified Integration –> Exchange Infrastructure –> NW-XI-CNT-IS.

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  • Anita,
    As somebody who was actively involved as an ISV in this program, I have some feedback:

    (a) The training conducted by Sam Raju, et al was very helpful in understanding the process. Moreover, James is now sharing the same in his series of weblogs and hence it would be helpful for a lot of partners out there.
    (b) Subsequent to the training, it was impossible to get in touch with the team that conducted the training at Labs, Bangalore. This was quite disappointing given the fact that SAP is actively promoting this initiative.
    (c) I would suggest having local representatives from your team to help partners with the queries and get the initiative rolling smoothly. Even though you have mentioned that 125 partners are enrolled, as of now, only 10 scenarios are certified.
    (d) If fact, the ICC consultant out here was quite helpful in the entire process and maybe you could use them for rolling it out the partners and being the SPOC for partners.
    (e) There is no post-process once the certification is done. I find it quite surprising that you are actively pursuing this program but have no communication with the existing partners.
    (f) It would be great if we partners have access to SAP Field to priortise the scenarios that would benefit SAP customers. This would be a win-win situation for SAP and its customers.

    As I see, its an excellent program with benefits for both SAP partners and customers, and hope to see more initiatives from your team towards making this a success.


    • Thanks for your valuable feedback, Parag.  We understand it was not an ideal situation before for ISV to find out more information about IndustrySpeak.  For this reason, we started the IndustrySpeak Forum for technical and business discussion among the community and IndustrySpeak team, as well as featuring more weblogs on best practices and series with educational values on SDN.  The IndustrySpeak Forum and feature IndustrySpeak weblogs are the technical tools to deliver technical information to the community, they are not provided to address the go-to-market strategy.  The go to market initiative is a topic for 2006, currently this process is still in the work.

      Regarding partner certification process, although the IndustrySpeak content certified scenario is about 10, the overall XI content certification is much higher.  And we are currently working closely with the ICC team, so the local contact should be from ICC.

      We appreciate your input and understand your concerns.  Asides from working towards making the IndustrySpeak Program a success, it is also our goal to make the IndustrySpeak Partner Program a success.