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HCM (Human Capital Management)

This blog is co-authored by Gobinder Sandhu  (https://people.sap.com/gobi.sandhu) and Stéphanie Bourgault-Mongeau (https://people.sap.com/stephanie.bourgault) Overview Employees under collective bargaining agreements or hourly employees can be compensated based on a pre-define pay structure following specific rates of remuneration. In SuccessFactors,

With our latest release, b1702, the rules engine team of SAP SuccessFactors has delivered 5 new functions for time-related calculations.  So, what benefits will these rule functions have for you? Let’s have a look.  

Intro – What is OAuth? OAuth 2.0 (or simply put OAuth) is an Authorization framework – when a user requests access to a resource from a Service Provider (without providing their credentials) and is authorized