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  • Author's profile photo Johann Fößleitner
    Johann Fößleitner posted on September 11, 2020 Personal Insights
    First of all, thank you Damir for tagging me in your Blog. Here we go: Who am I? When I was 10 years old, I decided to become a software developer – and to everyone’s surprise I really did become that! During the job interview my first... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Marco Büscher
    Marco Büscher posted on July 26, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hi everybody, Thanks to Susan Keohan who writes in her blog post, that anyone can start a new #BIF Post so I do. Also I am now a part of the Blog it forward Community here at SCN thanks for that and please have a look for the guys i nominated. I was... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Yor Rombaut
    Yor Rombaut posted on July 16, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hello SAP Community, With this blog post, I wish to announce that I will be starting an active blog post series to share my knowledge with you, the SAP Community! Though I was not nominated or requested by someone to write this blog in the Blog It... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Łukasz Pęgiel
    Łukasz Pęgiel posted on July 15, 2020 Personal Insights
    I was nominated again for the BIF by, this time to hear about how I’m dealing with the “new normallity”. The previous BIF from January 2020 you can read here. It took me a while to write this one,... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
    Lena Stodal posted on July 13, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hi SAP Community – while strolling through all the great content, I came across Susan Keohan brilliant initiative “Blog It Forward” – check it out! Her idea is a great engagement and perfect to meet all of you out there, hence I... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Julia Russo
    Julia Russo posted on July 9, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hello there, I recently joined the SAP Community & Influencers team and my dear colleague Mynyna Chau told me about the Blog It Forward Posts and I fell immediately in love with the idea. Even though, I was not blogged forward by another member,... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Darshil shah
    Darshil shah posted on June 25, 2020 Personal Insights
    Thank you so much Bhavin Vyas  & Sagarkumar Darji for sharing glimpse of your profession journey. I hope you both will achieve all the success in your professional as well as in personal life and Big thank you for passing the “Blog It Forward... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Mahesh Kumar Palavalli
    Mahesh Kumar Palavalli posted on June 8, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hello Community, Hope everyone is doing well!!  It has been so much fun reading all those amazing BIF posts and occasionally commenting something funny there :). and now I am here with mine, Thanks to the awesome people who tagged me in their BIF (... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Dmitry Frydliand
    Dmitry Frydliand posted on June 3, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hello Community! While quarantine-bored people start posting their pillow-covered pics on Instagram (you probably never heard on this “pillow” challenge, but it exists 🙂 ), I have decided to finally accept the BIF challenge from... Read More »
  • Author's profile photo Pawel Pawlak
    Pawel Pawlak posted on May 31, 2020 Personal Insights
    Hello! Cześć! Hallo! Special thanks to Paweł Grześkowiak for nominating me, I will try not to bore you to death. I’m really glad that we have this kind of initiative in our fellow SAP Community. I hope that this will encourage people to be... Read More »