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At the last part I will show that how to test this interface. 6. Test We can test the abap proxy consumer in “SPROXY”        Or write some abap code to test the

In this part I will show that how to configure integration runtion for abap proxy and PI ID. 4. Configure Integration Runtime 4.1 SLD Connection from ABAP to AEX SLD Tcode: SLDAPICUST   Tcode: SLDCHECK

This part I will show that how to configure PI ESR and generate ABAP proxy consumer in ABAP system. 2. Configure ESR 2.1 Create Data Type Request data type in ERP side: Response data type

I search for a lot of document for  ABAP Proxy and JDBC, some of them are implement in an older SAP system, and others are not detail enough.So I want to write a step by

Generally we use F-02 to post accounting document and FB08 to reverse them. And we will use BAPI “BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST” to post and “BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_REV_POST” to reverse. If you check the parameter of “BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST”, you will found

My first blog is not for SAP tech, but for my kindle paperwhite~ 😆 I used calibre to convert the novel txt files to mobi file which has content and nice format, but convert failed

这次专门从项目上请假到上海参加SAP D-Code大会,最大的一个感想就是HANA将是SAP未来的趋势。 其中听的各种讲座包括SAPUI5,Lumia,Fiori等等新技术,都将是基于SAP HANA。 尤其是14号早上的主题演讲,几个SAP高层轮流上台讲SAP基于HANA的机遇挑战各种等等,把我都讲晕了。 好了,会场发博客剧累,其他各技术就回去后慢慢道。