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The basics of HALM changes transport is pretty good described in the Understanding of native transport of changes in HALM blog. After the Change Recording is enabled in a HANA source system, users can transport

Very often I can see that users have issues by configuring of export CTS system in HALM. There is actually a very good guide about how to configure HANA for CTS. Nevertheless, it is still

The basic introduction into the transport of HANA objects I did already: Transport of HANA objects with HALM Based on my experience with handling of customer messages, I decided to summarize key misunderstandings of using

I hope you already heard about HALM XS application. The HALM stands for HANA Application Lifecycle Management and the application comes with any HANA installation starting since SP6 (auto-content HANA_XS_LM DU). In short, the tool

The Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) plans to provide customers different methods of integration of own deployment logic into the CTS+ deployment process. If some content needs to be transported into the target system