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I worked in Japan for EDI project, the interface is between my client Haier and 8 biggest Japanese retailer, the Japanese retailers use the flat file for data exchange,  within 1 file there are up

This tutorial explains the implementation of the project between SAP Unicode system and Japanese retailer, it cover the design, mapping and integration of SAP IDOC file and flat file from Japanese retailer. We use FTP

If the web dynpro application is very complicated, normally I would like to split the whole application into several components. Here I use Web Dynpro Java to show you how to use sub components. In my demo,

E-Mail Response Management System(ERMS) is a tool for managing large amounts of incoming e-mail. Instead of routing all incoming e-mails into one queue, ERMS provides services for automatically processing and organizing incoming e-mail. ERMS provides

Key Concept Web services are open interfaces that allow you to link loosely coupled systems with a technology that does not bind them to any particular programming language or platform. Web services represent an industry-wide

In the first Step I had explained how to configure backend ABAP system to portal, now I’m going to explain how to add the user and web application to portal, it cover the User administration,

SAP Enterprise Portal offers a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both in and outside your organization. It provides you the tools to manage this knowledge, to analyze and interrelate it,

SAP provides SAP Java Connector in a number of different versions: as a standalone software component that can be installed independently of the SAP system. You can access the installation files at service.sap.com/connectors. You can

SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) is a middleware component that enables the development of SAP-compatible components and applications in Java. SAP JCo supports communication with the SAP Server in both directions: inbound calls (Java calls

<p>The System Landscape Directory of SAP NetWeaver (SLD) serves as a central information repository for your system landscape. A system landscape consists of a number of hardware and software components that depend on each other