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In IoT, you don’t want to store all the data from the device into the cloud or manipulate. For that reason, we can do Edge Processing.  SAP has out of the box solutions for doing

Introduction In the ABAP world CI/CD was never as popular as nowadays. With the growing amount of UI5 apps, CI/CD is becoming a very hot topic. It’s even possible to use it for ABAP developments

During UI5con 2018 at St. Leon-Rot, Emanuele Ricci and I provided a hands-on session on how to get started with UI5 Custom controls. For this hands-on, we’ve prepared a tutorial to create a UI5 Custom control based

Introduction I’ve been working with UI5 over several years on multiple projects. During these projects, the system was not always on the latest UI5 version. We started with the version 1.28.xx, upgraded a year ago

Introduction For one of my projects, I had the requirement to show images with the possibility to zoom and rotate the image. I couldn’t find any out-of-the-box UI5 control that could fit this need. Therefore,

Introduction Okay, Core Data Services (CDS) is already out there for a while. I’m not completely sure, but I think SAP started with CDS in HANA. With CDS in HANA you could just create your

Introduction More and more companies are using or starting to use the lean methodology. They do this to maximize the customer value while minimizing waste. As part of the lean methodology, these companies use a

Introduction One of the main missing services of the SAP Cloud Platform is a service that enables you to transport applications between different subaccounts. Till now, you still need to export and import applications which

On June 2017 Andreaz Kunz announced a new concept for creating Composite UI5 Controls at UI5Con in Walldorf, also called XMLComposite Control. With the XMLComposite control, it will be a lot easier for creating a

In the SAP Cloud Platform you have the ability to create applications that exist out of multiple development languages. You can have for example that contains code that needs to run on HANA, some Java