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Williams Ruter

In the first part of my documentation (pt.1), I have explained and showed in detail how to proceed  with the mandatory landscape and component setup of the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution. In this

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, on-premise edition supports customers with a unified solution for operators looking to identify issues in large fleets of machines as well as to improve after-sales services and optimize service planning

In my documentation I’ll explain how to configure and use the self-service feature in SAP Hana, in my scenario I’ll use the case when you have external corporate user who wants to access some test

In my documentation I’ll explain how to setup and configure SAP Hana system replication (HSR) with 3 system for two different case. • In the first scenario I will use configure the replication with 2 Hana

In the Part1 of my doucment i have explain how to config my DNS, install Hana by using a script, install Netweaver 7.5 and configure Hana HSR by command line. My Hana HSR competed i

In my documentation I’ll explain how install/configure SAP Hana with SAP Netweaver instance and using HSR and file system replication in order to replicate from one data center to another one for failover. For my

In the first part of the documentation i have explain how install and setup Hana MDC with dynamic tiering including the deployment of DWF on tenant database, in the second part of the document i’ll

In my documentation I’ll explain how install/ configure SAP Hana MDC with Dynamic Tiering and deploy SAP Hana Data Warehouse Foundation 1.0 in order to support data management and distribution within my landscape including Hadoop

In my documentation I’ll explain how install/configure SAP Hana Vora 1.2 with SAP Hana SP11 integration, I will demonstrate in detail how to setup a Horthonworks ecosystem in order to realize this configuration. For my

In the second section of this document, i’ll explain how to deploy the SFIN 2.0 Hana component and make the configuration on the abap side. The first part of the configuration can be check here