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SAP Web IDE cloud connectivity requires project folder direct below root node “Workspace” In the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit I’ve setup a connection to the demo Gateway system. Next, in SAP Web IDE I created

Last year I was the integration/solution architect to expose a custom SAP business process as mobile App. In this posting I want to enumerate the major aspects and challenges we encountered. And with success, the

I’m involved in a customer project to implement Cordis Solutions myHR, an ESS/MSS Common-of-the-Shell product build on Duet Enterprise foundation. One of the aspects on which the customer selected myHR as their ESS/MSS solution, is

Over the years since I am focussing on SAP / Microsoft interoperability, I’ve been consulted multiple times from both the international community (USA, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, …), and from direct

Workflow publication is one of the crown jewels of Duet Enterprise. It is applied to expose selected SAP workflow tasks in a task inbox on SharePoint, where users can next handle the task from their

GWM Azure / sp3 provides support for developer productivity, and infro support to the cloud. On 16 September, SAP released the latest version of Gateway for Microsoft: SAP Gateway for Microsoft Service Pack 3 –

Duet Enterprise 1.0 and 2.0 Single Sign-On relies on user-mapping performed on the Gateway system. The user-mappings are administrated in table USREXTID. There are multiple options to fill the table with your SharePoint account –>

Gateway REST services open up the SAP landscape for consumption and operation from clients outside that trusted SAP landscape, including those evil browsers. Evil as we all know, the web cannot be trusted. A critical

SAP initially developed Gateway for Microsoft [GWM] as ‘Duet Enterprise beyond SharePoint’. Allow Gateway OData service consumption in other Microsoft front-end formats, like Microsoft Office clients (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint). In essence GWM can also

After successful runtime operation for several months, all of a sudden the Duet Enterprise 2.0 scenarios in our demo landscape  suffered from a structural fatal error: ‘Exception in invoking the ODataExtensionProvider of type ‘OBA.Server.Canary.ObaOdataServerExtensionProvider’. The