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With NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31 SP10 and 7.40 SP5, we are now able to detect and handle technical errors.  Some examples of technical errors are invalid password, unauthorized access, network failures, etc.  The technical errors

PI provides async-sync bridge for the JMS adapter.  The configuration is well documented in SAP Help and various blogs and documents on SCN. The configuration involves JMS specific parameters, e.g. JMS correlation id.  These parameters

Introduction Integration with cloud services, e.g. SuccessFactors and Salesforce, can present some challenges.  The basic challenge is the retrieval of the session-id, and then uses it in our request.  This requires a 2-step process:  login

Introduction   Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption algorithm that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. With PI 7.11+, PGP is available as part of the SAP NetWeaver Process

Recently, there have been a lot of questions and confusions over the options available for customers to upgrade to the latest version of Process Integration (PI) or Process Orchestration (PO). These confusions came mainly from

With the release of PI 7.31, the NWDS tool is becoming robust enough to replace the Swing tools used in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) and the Integration Directory (ID).  One of the main focuses

With the PI 7.31 release, the Eclipse tooling also became available.  In NWDS, we can now design and develop artifacts in the ESR by using the Eclipse tool.  Even though the Java Swing tool will

Using PI 7.3’s Directory API Directory API has been used by many companies to streamline processes and ease situations where manual configuration of Integration Directory objects is not the ideal solution, such as the updating

Have you ever encounter a situation where you need a specific class when developing a User-Defined Function, User-Module, or Java Mapping, and don’t know which jar file contains this class.  I get calls from many

As we all know, in PI, the File adapter can read any type of file, not just XML-formatted data.  This useful when we can use a java mapping program to parse the content of the